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Have a story, poem or other literary work you would like to share? Feel free to !

An Excerpt From the Steelserpent Clan History by unknown author

An Untitled Poem by Kitaria

Anubas' Past by Anubas

The Birth of a God by Sephya

The Birth of Conflict by Tsaige

The Birth of Leyon by an unknown author

The Chronology of Nez by unknown author

The Cult of D'Sere by Altorn D'Sere

The Death of Strad by Blake

The Descendants of Mog by Crom

The Devil's Player by Pyros

The Druid Scrolls of the Dead Forest of Nez by unknown author

The Great Reformation by Tsaige

The History of Eihei Kyou'Tetsujin by Eihei Kyou'Tetsujin

The Journals of Randal by Randal

The Origin of the Barbarian Brothers by unknown author

The Story of Ryle by Ryle

Exploring Fate by Gadren

In A Distant Land by Hawkslayer

Poem by Barbarus

Ruby and Silver by Kadus

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