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Library :: Ruby and Silver

By Kadus

Vermillion was the colour of her face
Splashed red from the drip above her
The clouds a quicksilver glistening in the sky
Creating silhouettes of our figures

A lunar divinity, helpless she lay there
Hidden by a masque of her own making
Staked to the ground by a weight to much to bear
Flesh supple, waiting, for my own knife's taking

With unbridled passion a release of aggression
Gorging upon the iniquitous desires instilled within me
The blade lucent as it continued its progression
Setting the ruby treasure within her veins free

The raucous clap of thunder
Of her own screams and pleas
Her body lying, broken asunder
Slowly spreading my moral disease

I stood up slowly, smelling of lavender and diaphoresis
Blood dripping from my lips and hands
I left her broken from the vulgar process
I sheathed my blade and left that land

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