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Grel's Requiem for Roleplaying.


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MUD Clients


Microsoft Windows


The DL2 MUD Client (current version 1.0 beta)

   This MUD client was designed specifically for Distant Lands. It has full color support and character status updates in realtime. The standard prompt (showing your HP, mana, gold, etc) is not in the output window, but is instead displayed graphically in areas across the screen. Using the client is very easy. If you need help running it, you can get answers to most questions here. This has only been tested on Windows XP and Windows Vista and works great. If you use another Microsoft OS (95, 98, ME, NT, 2000) please tell us your experiences with the client!


zMUD (final version 7.21)

   zMUD is THE premier commercial MUD client that supports way too many features to fit into a small description such as this one. ANSI color, triggers, aliases, macros, automapping and scripting are just a FEW of the plethora of features this client sports. The latest version is not free, but there is an older, now unsupported version which is (but does not run on Windows XP or Vista), and it can be downloaded here (version 3.62)

CMUD (current version 2.37)

   CMUD is from the creators of the popular MUD client zMUD. It sports the same features as zMUD, but with a much faster interface and scripting backend plus a "modern" interface. There's two versions, the regular version and a "Pro" version. To find out the differences between them, visit the website linked above.


Portal GT (current version is "D")

   Another fully-featured MUD client is this beauty. The cost to register is less than zMUD, but the features you love (and yes, even automapping) are still available.


WinTin .NET (current version 2)

   For a more stripped-down, basic MUD client that's free, it doesn't get much better than WinTin. Support for aliases, macros, full scripting, triggers.. it's all here. It's a totally revamped version of WinTin 95 made with the Microsoft .NET Framework.


MudMaster (current version 2.6.1)

   A basic command-line MUD client that supports many of the usual features such as triggers, aliases, ANSI color and more. There is also a graphical version of the client called MudMaster 2000, which is also free. Can't get much better than that.




TinTin++ (current version 1.98.9)

   A completely free, open-source MUD client that runs not only on Linux, but also on Mac OS, UNIX, BSD and even Windows. Fully-featured, and open-source, so you can make your own changes to the program itself. What more can you ask for?


MudMagic (current version 1.6)

   Another free, open-source MUD client that runs not only on Linux, but also on Windows. It, of course, has features you would expect any MUD client to have: aliases, triggers, ANSI color...


Xpertmud (current version 3.1 alpha 2)

   A VERY impressive MUD client (that is, of course, open-source and free!) that is perl, python and ruby scriptable. Better yet, if you want a client that rocks this much (for free!) that works for Windows too, this would be the one.

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