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About Distant Lands

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Grel's Requiem for Roleplaying.


   Distant Lands has been online since October of 1994 and has been growing and changing constantly since its inception. DL is one of the very, very few "hybrid" MUDs that work in the sense that things are fair and balanced. What do I mean by a "hybrid MUD"?

   Short answer: The game has both elements of hack-and-slash as well as strict roleplaying MUDs rolled into one extremely well programmed package.

   DL has over 300 levels your character can obtain as well as an avatar ladder it can transcend as well. When your character reaches level 99, they will be able to quest for level 100, and the title of Hero. Every 25 levels after Hero, you obtain a new title and climb one more step on the ladder toward being a demigod. Player killing and stealing is allowed, however restricted. If you wish to do either of these, you must either be roleplaying or both in the event must give consent (via the "consent" command) for the actions to commence. A player-driven clan system, item consignment, mounted combat, flying mounts, player arenas and home owning are just a FEW of the MANY features Distant Lands offers.

   As for those who like to roleplay, Distant Lands will not leave you wanting. Segmentation code allows those who are roleplaying to not hear and/or see what non-roleplayers are doing or saying (other than movement), so your roleplaying experience will not be interrupted. Those who are not roleplaying can see everyone who is roleplaying, what they are doing, saying and hopefully join in on the fun. Numerous 'tasks' your character can perform while roleplaying gives diversions from hack-and-slash and occasional dry roleplaying spells (even the best RP MUDs have dry spells.) There's just too many things to possibly list on a single web page. You just have to connect to the game and try it out for yourself!

   If you need help along the way, there is also a 'novice' channel, where you can ask questions and receive help from some more experienced players and staff members who are designated helpers. If you prefer self-service, there are very extensive help files for nearly everything that's in the game (new stuff is added so frequently, it's hard to keep up!)

  Of course you can just connect to the game right now and see for yourself!

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