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Library :: The Great Reformation

By Tsaige

In a not too distant past, this world was enveloped in chaos. The balance of power between mortals and immortals, which had always been fragile, had begun to break. The gods, unknowing of the full consequences of their actions, crafted great weapons and armor, and granted great and unnatural powers to their followers in the hopes of furthering their agendas. The mortals took advantage of these powers and these items, and became near god-like themselves. Mortals, like the gods that created them, are endowed with free will. So, once mortals were given god-like powers, they naturally rebelled against their masters. Some even worked to destroy their own creators.

This could not continue, the gods agreed, for the new powers of the mortals rivaled their own, and they were certainly outnumbered. Therefore, a treaty among the gods was struck, and a plan was formulated. They would work together to recreate the world that had forsaken them, and no matter what the consequences, the gods agreed not to bestow too much of their power to any one mortal or to create any item which could be used against them.

There was a problem with this plan, however. The gods had spent a great deal of energy in the creation of this world, and to create another from scratch would be the end of some of them. Therefore it was agreed that most of the world would be retained, though the mortals would be stripped of their powers and their memories and placed in new bodies, which were easy to create. All the items and armor that the gods

had crafted were either destroyed or weakened such that they would no longer be a threat.

The Gods immediately put this plan into action, and so all the mortals were stripped of their powers and their memories of before the reformation and given new bodies. And all was well again.

But some of the mortals were too powerful, and though they were stripped of most of their powers, some remained as well as a few fragments of their memories. This account is the first time those fragments, taken

from many of such mortals (including myself) have been pieced together to form a coherent whole. I humbly submit this to the library so that others may come forward to share their memories. Some day, we will have a more complete picture of our rich history before the reformation. Until then,

may the gods grant their blessings on you.

Tsaige, The Wandering Warrior

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