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Library :: Poem

By Barbarus

Raised among desolate mountain peaks
Surrounded by cold, lifeless stone
Trained since birth in the art of war
Taught to face life's rigors alone
Growing strong, this giant's son
Learned of death, honour and blood
And from Lord Silex, the Creator
That evil must always temper good
At a young age he journeyed forth
Far from his Kavanian home
Across the deserts and lonely plains
Until Turien's streets he would roam
Friends were made there by the score
Many adventures filled him with pride
But even the glory could not erase
His feelings of emptiness inside
Then came a day when he thought
Celestial's sun shone brighter in the sky
And in the distance the clangor of steel
Where love caught this giant's eye
Mighty and muscled, armour clad
Her kills were precise and clean
Marvelling at her quiet majesty
As beautiful as anye he'd ever seen
When she spoke her greeting
IN a marvelous, bass monotone
The Kavanian giant, ever somber
Smiled and no longer felt alone
From that day forth they have hunted
With a fervor only love can give
And they have found true happiness
For as long as they both shall live
So their story carries on
Beneath Turien's setting sun
Barbarus and Prilia SteelSerpent
Together now forever as one

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