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Library :: An Excerpt from the Steelserpent Clan History

By an unknown author

In the days of stone the lands of Kavan were mostly unihabited moutain ranges filled with intertribal wars and death. From the bloodstained carnage of everyday life the indigenous peoples, mostly stone giants, clawed their way through the hazards to make homes in this "uncivilized" realms.

Of these "barbarians" there were many clans: Fangtooth, Bloodclaw, Moonwolf, Wolfshide,and Steelserpent to name but a few. The last tribe is notable due to the fact that they have become the hiearchy of Kavan. This is a very condensed version of their family history.

Oog was the first to hold the title Steelserpent..(Or SteelSerpent as they spell it...giants are not known for their grammar,nor for their docile reactions to constructive criticism so the double capitalization stands in most references.)It was Oog who first adopted a treaty which stopped the infighting between the civilized tribes and turneed their warlike energies toward wanderin bandits and slave traders who roamed their lands. Also of note is the fact that Oog (Oog1 in later references) was the first to take a consort of a non giant race. From that human/giant union there was born twin sons.They were given the names of Magnus and Gorr by their mother. During his long life (over two hundred "human" years.) Oog1 did his best to teach his children the are of war and the way of Silex the Creator. Oog1 reigned as tribal chieftan and clans leader for most of his adult life. Upon his death Magnus,twelve heartbeats older than his sibling, was called home to ascend the marble throne of Kavan.

Gorr Steelserpent, alone now, wandered the "civilized" world and became renowned for his strength and skill at arms. He became especially well known in the city of Midgard where he also met all of his many wives and consorts. The list is numerous: Arliss,Nina,Shinobu, and finally Celestra Rhyndant. It is with Celestra Rhyndant-Steelserpent that four children were conceived. They were Clussian,Oog2,Barbarus,and Celestra Wolfson Steelserpent. After the death of his human love Gorr Steelserpent returned with his three sons to his native Kavan. Celestra , always the "black sheep", remeained alone and travelled to forget her beloved mother's death.

Now the sun has reached its four hundredth circle since the Kavanian tribes became one. Oog1,Magnus and Gorr are but dust blowing through the mountain passes. Now the Clan Steelserpent is led by Clussian who carries on his Grandfather and uncle's legacies.

Barbarus has settled outside the realm with his siblings Oog2 and Celestra in the city of Turien where he has become a member of the fabled Vestige Of Vigilance. At this time he is semi-retired from adventuring.

Oog Steelserpent continues to venture forth and hone his skills in various arenas and hunting expeditions.

Celestra Wolfsson Steelserpent resides in Turien when it pleases her but her current whereabouts are unknown.

In closing let it be known that the Steelserpent (or Serpent) Clan will continue on as Barbarus has adopted a daughter he calls Arioka, and is betrothed to giantess warrior by the name of Prilia.

And so a small chapter in the chronicles of Kavan known as "Steelserpent" ends.

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