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Library :: An Untitled Poem

By Kitaria

A long time ago
In a land far away
A young woman was born
On a glorious day

Celebrations were had
through out the lands
Tempered by hope
For war was at hand

The young woman grew strong
with each passing day
A sword in her hand
Though at night she prayed

But it came to pass
On one moonlit night
The Romans stole in
Killing everyone on sight

The young woman fought hard
Possessed some would say
Shouting prayers to her Goddess
With each Roman she Slayed

Covered in blood
Eyes dark as night
She surrendered her sword
To help end the fight

At first cheers arose
then soon turned to laughter
As the Roman closed in
To claim the prize they were after

The young woman was taken
To far distant lands
To become a servant
For filthy Roman hands

Her lord never fair
His hand quick to hit
She still prayed at night
Though to sore to sit

From dreams she awoke
feeling covered in blood
Her tears tried to wash
The deaths of those she loved

A bright light appeared
her Goddess stepped thru
"Pray with me." She said.
"Then take this sword with you."

With tears in her eyes
She thanked the good goddess.
Then hurriedly prepared
Feeling loyal and honest

For again she felt pure
Her heart bold and true.
'Celestial's Tears' by her side
A sword comforts due

She set off thru the night
No resistance she met
Revenge entered her mind
The sword quietly wept

Lord Herod she faced
Fear filled his eyes
Her swordarm raced forth
Her heart drank his cries

But unnoticed in shadow
a small form appeared
Its dagger raced forth
And cut through her tears

What happened next
The legend it varies
Some say she died there
Others say she lived to marry

But one things for certain
And I hold the proof
Stay true to your heart
And always pray for the truth

Kitaria Wildfire, the Mishrathim of the Vestige of Vigilance,
Follower of Celestial and keeper of "Celestial's Tears'.

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