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Library :: The Birth of a God

By Sephya

I write this story as I enter my 43rd year of life, young by elven standards, very young.

When I was only 17, I lost my mother and father. Our village was invaded by a band of ogres. My mother fought at my father's side, as they were both accomplished warriors. They had been together for nearly 400 years. It was just they die together. My parents had started my warrior training as soon as I could walk; they intended me to be able to take care of myself and had hopes of my surpassing their abilities. Therefore, with the destruction of my village I sent my younger sister Shadray to learn the ways of a healer, this is what my parents intended for her. I set out to find my way in the world.

I traveled for many years a lone warrior. Several times, I encountered situations that forced me to defend myself. One day as I neared an unfamiliar town I came across a battle that I felt compelled to join in. Several undead were attacking the most handsome of human warriors I had ever laid eyes on. As the human fought off the undead his flame red hair caught the sun and captured my eyes. Although we were nearly equals in battle, and we managed to disperse the evil creatures, my help came too late. The human was injured quite severely. I used what little knowledge I had to tend his deep wounds and I stayed with him, nursing him back from the brink of death.

As the human healed and regained his strength, we told each other a bit about ourselves. As I looked into his intense green eyes, I found it easy to tell him the fate of my childhood, a tale I had never revealed to anyone. I told him that since the death of my parents I had really been a lone traveler.

His name was Malifaxis, music to my pointed elven ears. He told me that he too had lost his parents at an early age. With the loss of his parents, he joined the army. His abilities became very clear to his superiors and he rose the ranks quickly. He told me of the many men he lead in battle, and how several of these men had looked to him as some would look to a God. I shuddered at the thought of thinking a mere man could be thought of as a God. He then explained the reason these men looked upon him as a God was he would heal remarkably fast. Wounds that would take most weeks to recover from, if they recovered at all, Malifaxis would recover from in days.

Malifaxis told me of the many battles he had lead. In several of these battles, Malifaxis took a beating that left him close to dead. Malifaxis told me that each time he had been on the brink of death during his unconsciousness he had what he believed to be dreams. In these dreams, the creator visited him. The creator spoke to Malifaxis in his dream, telling him there was much in store for him, and that he should leave the army that he so loved. Of course, when healed Malifaxis would shrug these dreams off as just what he thought they were... dreams. Then one day while taking a walk alone in the woods, Malifaxis was visited by a heavenly being and given a gift. This gift was a sword of godly power called HopeRender. The day this happened Malifaxis resigned from the army and set out on travels alone, thus following the words in his dreams.

Malifaxis told me that after he left the army his life changed dramatically. The most important of these changes was that though he would always recover from an injury, it seemed to take longer and longer each time he was hurt. The second and most visibly noticeable change was that he no longer seemed to age as quickly as he had in the past.

Several weeks passed, with each day, Malifaxis grew stronger, and he and I grew closer. I felt things I had never experienced before. It started to occur to me that I was beginning to have very deep feelings for Malifaxis. I know that in most instances, this would be what every woman seeks. A man she can love. I am not just a woman, I am elven, and elves have a life that in years, far exceeds humans. I knew I had to control the emotions that Malifaxis was bringing out in me.

When Malifaxis had totally healed, he suggested we begin traveling together. I gladly accepted, looking forward to having him for company. We roamed the lands much like nomads, making our home wherever we happened to be when it was time to sleep. Often times we would find a small and friendly town and stay there for several months and then move on. My skills were sharpened dramatically during this time, Malifaxis had knowledge that I did not, and I grasped on to that knowledge.

During this time together, I know my feelings for Malifaxis grew. Although I had not yet had any experience with love or men for that matter, I instinctively knew that Malifaxis was growing fond of me as well. There were nights when we would need to sleep close together to give one another warmth, it seemed those nights were somehow special to us both. Malifaxis would often help me do a task and the way he touched me had grown softer, more caring over time. This was a time of confusion for me. I knew I could not allow myself to love this man. If I did a good portion of my life would have a void after he was gone from this world. However, over time, Malifaxis and I eventually had to admit our feelings to one another.

With our mutual feelings known to each other, we became a force of one instead of two individuals. When in combat our actions flowed as if we were dancing. Our quiet times together we almost did not need to speak, it was as if we could communicate with out words.

One day while I stayed at camp preparing some food, Malifaxis went into the woods to catch the main course of what would be our dinner. When Malifaxis returned he told me that something extraordinary had happened to him. He said a being of glowing beauty had come upon him in the woods and had spoke to him, not with words, but in his head. This being told Malifaxis that his time in the mortal realms was growing very short. I began to weep as I listened; my worst fears I knew would happen. Malifaxis then asked me if I would wed to him before this time came. I could not say yes right away, this commitment would last my lifetime, although Malifaxis would no longer walk the land. I had to give this much thought and I explained this to Malifaxis.

That night Malifaxis and I slept very close to each other, I felt I needed to hold on to him because I would not have him for much longer. Sometime in the early hours of morning Malifaxis woke and went into the woods to do his personal morning ritual, he let me sleep as I had had a restless night. I do not know how much time had passed before I was awoken by unusual sounds coming from the woods to the west of where I slept. I sat up in the bedroll Malifaxis and I shared and looked around for Malifaxis. Quickly I realized he was not there. It took me only moments to get to my feet dress and arm myself.

The sounds I heard coming from the thick of the forest were sounds like those that I had never heard before. I ran into the forest ready to defend my loved one and myself. As I neared the area the sounds were coming from all I saw was a whirlwind of dust and foliage, the sounds coming from in front of me were anything but human. I could not see Malifaxis or any beast for the whirlwind was so dense it made it impossible to see. I feared that to charge in I would attack Malifaxis instead of whatever was in there with him.

Suddenly through the ruckus, I heard what was undoubtedly Malifaxis as he screamed one word. Undeniably, I heard him scream "NO", the force with which he screamed sent a shudder through my body and to my soul. As his scream died out so did the whirlwind. When I could finally see all that was there was the battered, bloodied and nearly lifeless body of my beloved Malifaxis.

As I ran to Malifaxis' fallen body, I could see he was barely breathing. I knelt down beside him. Gently I cradled his head in my hand. I knew there was nothing I could do for him, if he were to make it through this it would surely be a miracle of the Gods. Malifaxis beckoned me closer. So I leaned over so that my ear was close to his blood drenched lips. With what little life he had left, Malifaxis spoke to me. I will never forget the words he said. In a gurgled and raspy voice he said, "I will always be with you Sephya, it is only my mortal body that will not." He gently kissed my ear and exhaled his last mortal breath. I found an acceptable place to lay Malifaxis's body to rest there in the forest. I buried him with everything I knew him to have save the platinum and bloodstone ring he always wore. I slide the ring onto a chain I wore around my neck. Silently I swore my devotion to Malifaxis.

I knew my life would not be the same from this point forward. That night I was uncomfortable as I made a dinner for myself. It had been several years since I had been alone. As I settled into my bedroll, as I stared into the night sky, many questions ran through my mind. Why did the Gods do this? What did they have in mind for Malifaxis if anything? Was Malifaxis eternally dead or was he blessed and given immortality? I would probably never have answers to these questions.

The next day I packed up my belongings. As I readied to leave this area, I said my final farewell to the mortal man I had and would always love. Several days I traveled the forests and plains before I neared a city of insurmountable size. I wandered into this city and was greeted by many friendly knights and citizens. I found out the name of the city was Turien. I spent a few months in this city before I decided this is where my heart called for me to settle down.

I purchased a small cottage in the garden district of Turien and proceeded to make a home for myself. The third night I slept in my new home I had the most restless night of sleep. Most of the dreams I had that night I do not recall, I do however remember seeing Malifaxis's face fading in and out of my minds eye. For the next week or so, my days would go along normal as could be expected, the night and my dreams would haunt me. I would wake feeling as if Malifaxis was right there with me; my dreams were so realistic I could almost feel his breath.

I had never been a spiritual or religious woman, but these dreams lead me to the temple of Turien and an altar of the Creator, Silex. Daily I would go to his temple and pray to him for relief from these dreams. It was not that I wished the dreams gone, but I needed to know their meaning. Finally, my prayers were answered.

One night as I neared sleep, a bright light filled my home. The light was so beautiful, so intense I could not look at it directly. A voice emanated from the light, I am not sure if it was a voice that others would have heard or not, but I heard it and I have spent my days trying to follow what it told me.

The voice told me that immortality had been given to Malifaxis, he was known as the God of Conflict. The message imparted to me told me that a task had been assigned to me. I was to spend my days striving to reach near perfection. This meant to keep the world, as I knew it in balance. I was to become not just a warrior but a healer as well. The light let me know that my life had purpose, that the things that would happen would all be a part of the Creator's plan.

Over the next few years, I lived my life as was expected of me by the Creator. I would know if I had done something to be out of the grace of Silex, either I would fall ill, or my abilities would not be as sharp as normal. I continued to grow physically, mentally, and most importantly spiritually. I started a guild that welcomed persons from all alignments, thus keeping balance. One of the most important things I did during this time was to send for my sister Shadray. It had been many years since we separated and it was time for us to be reunited. Shadray came to Turien and lives with me currently when she is not off on some adventure.

Throughout this time of growth, I have been visited many times, by what I have come to call my guiding light. The Creator has passed several messages to me through this light. The most important of these messages has been that through my balance in life I will someday be worthy to marry Malifaxis. For my constant battle for neutrality counter act his acts of conflict on the world. My guiding light has let me know that when I reach this level I will be blessed with a purple aura.

Recently, the Gods bestowed a blue aura upon me. Since that day the most incredible thing has been happening, I have been able to see the immortal Malifaxis. He has vowed his love for me and told me our day nears. Until then and even, after I am able to wed Malifaxis I will strive to keep the Creator happy.

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