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Library :: The Cult of D'Sere

By Altorn D'Sere

The D'Serian Sect of Horvrit, familiarly known as the Cult of D'Sere, stretches back many generations into the history of Turien. While the exact founding date is unknown, Turien lore and records from the Sect suggest that it is one of the most ancient fellowships adhering to the Pantheon of Zelaryk. The Sect was founded by D'Sere Gevaris, a cleric of ancient Turien. It is said that in D'Sere's era, conflict and unlawfulness ruled the streets of the city, with many of the city's knights being corrupt. Despite his own relative poverty, D'Sere used his knowledge and skills to heal all those who came to him, and share what he had with any who needed it.

It is said that as D'Sere strength and skill grew, his reputation for altruism became more widely known, and it came that there was not an hour of the day where the weak, injured, or hungry were at his door, begging alms or healing or food from the cleric. Yet he turned no one away and gave freely of what he had and what he knew. A night came when an injured man came to his door, said to be blind of eye and without one of his arms. The man had heard of D'Sere's generosity and asked what bread the man could spare to feed he who could not support himself. D'Sere gave what he had, but when his pantry was bare, the man still claimed hunger. Incensed by this lack, the beggar demanded that his arm and sight be restored, that he may make his own living, since none would be spared for his hunger.

Though he tried, the means of restoring limbs and sight had either been lost or yet undiscovered in D'Sere's time. When he sorrowfully told the beggar that he could do nothing for such ailments, the beggar raged at him and, it is said, clubbed him over the head to knock him out. When D'Sere awoke, his house had been looted quite bare. D'Sere was embittered by this act and, renouncing his previously timid existence, began something of a crusade. Invoking the name Horvrit, he began meting out his own lawfulness where the Turien Knights had failed to do so.

His means and methods are unclear, having been distorted by legend and oral tradition, but as he began what was dubbed 'The Cleansing,' he gained support of likeminded, often clergy or former knights who had been ousted by the current regime. D'Sere, it is said, welcomed these lawful men and women to his side, and granted them his trust, love, and livelihood openly, provided they returned in kind. Legend tells that Horvrit Himself looked upon D'Sere and granted him a Sight, that he might tell whether or not these men and women were true to the Law and Balance, but the veracity of this claim is uncertain.

Months passed and D'Sere Gevaris' influence in the city grew. The newly born Sect eventually toppled the corrupt and hedonistic ruling families. There was a public outcry for D'Sere to appointed Governor of Turien, but he declined, opting instead to sit at the head of the council that eventually restored order and appointed new governing parties to the city and its outlying areas.

D'Sere and the Sect, now numbering around 300, withdrew from the public eye, tacitly exerting itself when needed through the justice courts or law enforcement, both of which employed a fair number of D'Serians. The Sect instead focused on increasing their knowledge, paying obeisance to Horvrit, and practicing open, giving, and loving relationships as their own homage to the love of Kyelai and Horvrit. The Sect also took over the stewardship of the Turien Grand Library, which had fallen into disarray during the Unkempt Age.

Years wore on and numerous children were born into the Sect, who were now in residence in something of an estatial commune just beyond the premises of the Library. These children were raised by the entire Sect, without such distinctions as 'Mother' or 'Father' and were taught in the ways of Horvrit, the Law, and the Balance.

In more recent generations, things are much the same. The Sect still resides in its exemplary estate by the Library with members numbering around six or seven hundred. Children born into the sect are raised as scholars and adepts of whatever profession or field they choose. At fourteen, D'Serians name themselves, most often for a prominent historical figure in their chosen area of study, while every D'Serian takes 'D'Sere' as their surname. Young members of the Sect are encouraged to travel and study abroad to enhance their knowledge and their aptitude for their chosen profession, though almost without exception they will still settle on the estate with the beloved members of the Sect once they are satisfied with their research.

Though the Sect is significantly more recluse, it still maintains an open membership and, whether a lasting gift from Horvrit as legend suggests or the result of many generations of unparalleled research, they have a way of determining who is true to the Law and Balance and who is not.

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