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In order to increase your abilities you must practice. You practice at 
your predetermined guild (according to class). Once you have practiced
with your guild master, you must also continue to practice on your own
in order to continue to increase and even maintain your abilities. There 
are three areas in which you must practice, they are spells, skills, 
proficiencies. As you gain levels you will also gain practice sessions. 
The sessions are used up when you practice at your guild. You can view the 
number of practice sessions you have available with the attributes or 
practice commands.

> practice           (This will give you a list of spells, skills,
                      and/or proficiencies you currently have
                      available to you.)

> prac backstab one  (Practice backstab one)

> prac ba tw         (Practice backstab two, notice the full skill
                      name is interpreted by the game)

The practice list includes a competency rating. These different ratings
are (in order of mastery):

Hardly Trained
Fairly Capable
Well Skilled
Quite Adept

When a competency appears in red you can practice it more at your
guild and when it appears in green it is fully practiced.

See Also:  Spells, Skills, Guilds, Proficiencies, Attributes
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