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This command will give you a list of the weapons available to your class 
and the level at which you get them. You may also find out what weapons 
other classes can use with this command. Weapons that are denoted with
a (2H) require two hands to wield.

> prof
  This gives you a list of the weapons you can use.

> prof paladin
  This would allow you to see what weapons a paladin could use and can be 
used for all other classes (prof cleric etc).

You should also view help on individual proficiencies (eg. Mace).

See Also:  Spells, Skills, Weapons, Falchion Swords, Spears, 
           Two-Handed Swords, Tridents, Warhammers, Halberds, 
           Rapiers, Sai, Scythes, Scimitars, Battle Axes, 
           Maces, Morning Stars, Nunchaku, Katanas, Khopesh Swords, 
           Bastard Swords, Lances, Whips, Flails, Dirks, 
           Longswords, Hand Axes, Awl Pikes, Bardiches
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