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There are many different weapons that are available for use in Distant
Lands. Each class has some restrictions on the weapons they can use
proficiently. Weapons are usually wielded, there are however a limited
amount of weapons that can also be held.

See Also:  Wield, Proficiencies, Falchion Swords, Spears, Two-Handed Swords, 
           Tridents, Warhammers, Halberds, Rapiers, Sai, Scythes, 
           Scimitars, Battle Axes, Maces, Morning Stars, Nunchaku, 
           Katanas, Khopesh Swords, Bastard Swords, Lances, Whips, 
           Flails, Dirks, Longswords, Hand Axes, Awl Pikes, Bardiches, 
           Clubs, Daggers, Darts, Hammers, Knives, Two-Handed Staves, 
           Short Swords, Melee Combat
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