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Each class has a guild in which they go to learn their craft better.
There is a guildmaster in each guild who helps the character to practice 
their skills, spells and proficiencies. For example a cleric must go to 
the cleric's guild in order to practice his/her ability to heal until he/she
has learned the spell at maximum (a warrior would use the warrior's guild etc).

You will also find in the realm a variety of guilds or clans that are made 
up of a group of people of all different classes and races. This type of 
guild is usually a group of people that tend to help each other and often 
adventure together. Most of these types of guilds can be noticed by the 
use of their clan or guild name in their "title". For more information on
this type of guild, see help player guilds.

See Also:  Spells, Skills, Profs, Classes, Races, Symbols, 
           Player Guilds, Guild Lore Items, Quests
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