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All characters should have a description. Descriptions will be
seen by anyone that looks at your character.

You can use the description command to describe your character.

> description

You can check to see what your current character description
is by using either of the following commands:

> look self

> finger self

Description Guidelines
Your description should accurately describe how your character
physically looks. Hair and skin colour are acceptable. Body build
is fine; however, remember that often times, an item can change
your physical attributes. Whether or not you have chiseled or
fine features is acceptable. These are all descriptive of how
your character looks.

A character's description should not contain actions. In other words,
the description should not state that your character is standing,
smiling, or anything like that. Your character may not be standing
when someone looks at you... for example while resting. The same
goes for smiling, your character may be sleeping in which case you
would most likely not be smiling.

References to Equipment
In general, there should not be references to equipment in a character
description. Your character will most likely have changing equipment
and thus the description would not be fitting if you include equipment
in it. There may be a few instances where including equipment is

Race Appropriate Descriptions
Please make sure the description is appropriate to the race of your
character. If they are a human they wouldn't have a tail, for example.

Background Information
This information is meant for your character's roleplaying background,
NOT your description. When someone looks at you there is no possible
way they would know any background by a simple look. For example, don't
state in your character's description what tribe your character comes
from or why your character is in Turien.

Spelling and Spacing
There shouldn't be spelling errors in your character's description.
It's not very hard to run it through a spellchecker. Also, pay attention
to the editor. The spacing is critical so that the description looks
appropriate on the vast majority of screens. Please do have any line
longer than 75 letters before you hit enter to move to the next line.

Is not acceptable at all if you wish to use the roleplay flag. So
please, please, please... No pretty pictures in descriptions of those
who wish to roleplay.

References to the previous Gods of DL2
There should be no references to the now non-existent player gods in a
background. They have not existed in our new world and will not exist
as gods.

Description Wording
We are asking that you do not use the word 'you' or any form of the
word in your character's description. We would also like to ask that
you do not inflict how someone would feel when they look at you in
your character's description (this is not a part of how your character
looks). For instance to have in your description the sentence:
You are scared as you look at this huge fire giant. This is not how
you look and there is a possibility that although you may want people
to be scared of you, there may be many who are not.

A little creativity goes a long way in a description.

We would like to point out that we recognize the challenge that
writing an acceptable character description may pose. Don't be
discouraged! Try your best, request a review and our staff will
get back to you providing any help you might need.

Here are a couple of examples of well written descriptions that
show the type of material we hope to get from you:

   Two long silvery braids hang past thin shoulders on this female golden
elf. Her brows form a high arch above two larger than normal eyes.
Beneath the large eyes are light semi-circular lines formed by droopy
skin. A slightly crinkly nose is placed perfectly equidistant between
her eyes and above her mouse-like mouth. The pointed upper lip exposes
two large front teeth, appearing somewhat yellowed beyond an ivory tone.
A well defined jaw line forms from a slight cleft chin to angle back to
two rather large pointed ears. Her gangly limbs proportionately fit her
rather thin frame.

   The behemoth half cloud giant keeps his light blue hair trimmed neatly,
but rather closely cropped. The short hair exposes two elephantine ears
off each size of his blockish head, supported by a thick neck off broad
shoulders. His squared jaw line frames two baggy eyes, a bulbous nose,
and a wide mouth. His massive barrel-like torso extends to lengthy and
muscular arms and legs. A series of jagged scars, with some as long as
12 inches, zigzag across his face and all exposed body parts. Slightly
below the jaw line and directly beneath the left ear is a brand mark, in
the shape of a crown, crossed by two battle axes.

See Also:  Look, Editors, Information, Background, Finger
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