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Look can be used for a multitude of things.

Simply typing the command look by itself (or just l for short) will
make you look at the current room you are in. You will see a
description of the room and any items and people/creatures (often
called mobs, short for Man Or Beast) in the room.

> l         (This will make you look at the room.)

You can look at a target by typing look and what you wish to look at.
Targets can include interesting things in the room (sometimes), items,
mobs, and exits.

> l runes   (This will make you look at some runes, perhaps on the
             wall of the room you are in.)

> l sword   (This will make you look at a sword. You will see if
             the sword has a description and it will tell you its basic 
             material, weight, volume and possibly other things based
             largely upon your character's abilities.)

> l me      (This will make you look at yourself, you will see your
             description, condition, and current your equipment.)

> l cat     (This will make you look at a cat in the room, it will
             give you its description and condition.)

> l d       (This will make you look down, assuming there is an exit
             beneath you, you might find something interesting.)

You can look in containers (or corpses) with the following:

> l in backpack  (This will make you look in a backpack and will
                  show you all the items it carries.)

> l at corpse    (This will make you look at a corpse and will
                  show you all the items it carries.)

If you wish to look at the room but there are a lot of items or NPCs in
the room and you wish to be able to search for a keyword you can use
"look pager" in order to use the pager which allows use to search with
the /<keyword> syntax:

> l pager

See Also:  Corpses, Containers, Mobs, Items, Exits
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