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Distant Lands has two text editors. Both editors can be used for
entering text for mail, descriptions, building, backgrounds, posting
on boards, writing notes, and a wide range of other text dependent
features. Assuming you've setup the NEW editor, you can toggle
between the editors by using the editor command.

> editor new

> editor old

The editor most people use from the start is considered the OLD
editor. It uses line mode and you enter all of your information
a whole line at a time. It has minimal editing features, you can
delete & cut/paste. For help on editing features, while you are
in the editor, type @help on a line by itself.

To use the NEW editor, you must have a client that supports
character mode (such as telnet for example). To set up the new
text editor (or to find out if your client is compatible with
it) you can go to the main Distant Lands menu and select account
preferences and then set up edit keys. Follow the instructions
from there, it is fairly self explainatory. Should you have
problems, talk with someone who is familar with clients and the
new editor (such as Nezmar). If you don't have a very good link
and do a lot of editing (building for example) it is highly
recommended that you use the old editor to enter your text and
the new editor to fix typos and grammar mistakes.

The new editor has several editing features and is fairly close
to a real text editor. When you set up the text editor, you
select the keys you wish to use with each of the commands. If
you cannot find a good key to use it is recommended that you use
a control key.  For example, if Page-Up on your keyboard envokes
Zmodem upload/download you might select control-u instead. We
tried to make the new editor as flexible as possible but it is
extremely difficult to cover all the clients that are available
out there.
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