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Tell is a method of communication by which you and only the person you 
are telling to can see what is said. There are four common ways to have 
this kind of 'private' conversation. The most common are the commands 
'tell' or 't' and the second is using the 'reply' command, used less 
commonly are the commands ask and whisper. If you wanted to send your 
friend Danin a message with the tell command you would type the following.

> tell Danin Hi feel up to grouping?
Danin tells you, 'Sure, in a minute, I'm talking with a friend.'

> t Danin Oh, ok, let me know when you are ready.
Danin tells you, 'Ok, I'll meet you in town.'

Should you wish to not be disturbed with tells you can either ignore
the person telling you or toggle off the tell channel.

See Also:  Reply, Toggle, Ignore
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