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The ignore command is used when another player is bugging you or annoys you
and you simply don't want anything to do with them.  You can ignore specific
channels, all channels or no channels.  You can ignore a maximum of 5 people
at one time.

To view who you are currently ignoring and which channels you are ignoring
for those you are ignoring use:

> ignore

 Current Ignore Settings

Player Name: Jinilisp
Ignore Type: Tell, Gossip, Auction, Shout   

Player Name: Hawk
Ignore Type: All

To ignore or unignore a player on a specific channel use the following
command syntax:

> ignore <player name> <channel>

Player Name: <player name>
Ignore Type: <channel>

The following channels are available:

all     tell     say      mutter    emote     whisper    group-say
ask     gossip   auction  shout     novice    chat       none

Please note while it is possible to ignore staff members, it is HIGHLY
recommended that you do NOT.  If you do, it may result in some punishment
(because you do something they ask you not to do).  IGNORING IS NOT AN

See Also:  Toggle, Communication
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