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Reply can be used to send a private message to the last person you 
received a 'tell' from. It is best to be careful when carrying on many 
conversations and using reply. Reply works very well if you receive a 
tell from someone that is invisible, as long as it was the last tell
you recieved. 

Someone tells you, 'I'm stuck in the dark, can you help me??'

> reply Sure, where are you?
You tell someone, 'Sure, where are you?'

Example of a reply gone bad:
Someone tells you, 'I'm in a crypt I think...'
Jerran tells you 'Do you know the way to the temple?'

> rep A crypt?
You tell Jerran, 'A crypt?'
Jerran tells you, 'huh?  No, I'm talking about the temple.'

> rep Oops, sorry.
You tell Jerran, 'Oops, sorry.'

See Also:  Tells, Toggle, Ignore
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