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Metallurgy is the study of metals.  While studying metallurgy you learn about
different metal's malleability, strength, common usages, and common shapes.
Metallurgy one gives you knowledge of iron and tin.
Metallurgy two gives you knowledge of steel and copper.
Metallurgy three gives you knowledge of bronze and silver.
Metallurgy four gives you knowledge of gold and platinum.
Metallurgy five gives you knowledge of mithril and adamantium.

You can determine what type of material an item is made of by examining it.

Note:  These skills are fairly useless on their own, but when combined with
       forging, armory and/or weaponry they are of great aid in making and
       fixing armor and/or weapons.

See Also:  Tasks, Mining, Sewing, Glass Blowing, Gemstone Cutting, 
           Carving, Armory, Weaponry, Look
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