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The armory skill gives you knowledge about how to construct and fix
different armor types.  It also gives you knowledge about how protective     
each of the different armor types are.

To find out how protective something is and what condition it is in, you
simply look at it (once you have practiced armory).  Note:  This typically 
only works for items that are actually armor.

> look gauntlets

As you examine some plate gauntlets, you notice it is mostly steel.
It weighs about 5 lbs, and takes up a volume of about 5 pints.
You think it appears to be in excellent condition.
This item would offer very little protection for your hands.

To fix a piece of armor, you must have the corresponding tools and material
knowledge.  For example for the gauntlets above, you would need knowledge
of steel (Metallurgy One), a hammer for fixing metals and an anvil.

> repair gauntlets hammer

See Also:  Sewing, Glass Blowing, Gemstone Cutting, Carving, Metallurgy, 
           Weaponry, Magic Mending
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