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Shout is a semi-global command that is not heard by all players in the
game. Shout is heard roughly within a 15 room radius. Shout can be used
to talk about game information or when looking for certain items. It is
also used for general conversation sometimes. Shout is also used to make
other players in the surrounding area of where you are when you are
using an area spell.

You should NEVER shout things repeatedly. For example, if you are going
to shout that you looking for new guild members, you should not shout it
more than 1 time per every 15 minutes.

> Shout Can anyone cure poison?
You shout, 'Can anyone cure poison?'

> sh I'm casting an area spell at the western river bank!
You shout, 'I'm casting an area spell at the western river bank!'

See Also:  Toggle, Ignore
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