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While in one of the sacred temples of the land, you can tithe gold
and items to your god(dess). You can do that by typing the following:

> tithe <number of coins> coins    (To tithe gold)

> tithe <item in inventory>        (To tithe an item)

When you tithe to your god(dess), your alignment will move toward your
true permanent alignment and you will gain favor with your deity.

If you are not the follower of a god(dess) or if you wish to leave
your current god(dess), you may go to any god(dess)'s temple and try
to tithe to that god(dess).  If the god(dess) appreciates your tithing
and wants you to be in his or her following, they will convert you to
their path.  Then you will be able to tithe (as described above) at
their temple.  Gods and Goddess will not always respond to you as they
may be off planning some mortal's destiny, please be patient.  It could
take weeks or months to have a God(dess) accept you.

See Also:  Alignment, Attributes
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