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A level is the base unit which determines the spells, skills, and
proficiencies available to you (this is also affected by your class).
It also helps to determine your combat effectiveness.  You gain levels
by getting experience.

Quests are run for named avatar levels only. They happen at random
times that are not announced much in advance. They happen when
staff has the time and ability to run them for players who are quest
ready. You can expect to wait at least 2 months or more after
becoming quest ready to go on an avatar quest. Even when quests
are run there is no guarantee that you can go on the one being run. 

When you gain a level, you can announce it to the rest of the game by
using the level command as follows:

> level

You announce, 'Level!'

You can also turn level announcements from other people on and off with
the level command as follows:

> level on

You will now hear other people when they announce their levels.

> level off

You will no longer hear other people when they announce their levels.

The same effect can be achieved using the toggle command.

See Also:  Levels, Spells, Skills, Proficiencies, Classes, 
           Combat, Experience, Gratz, Toggle, Avatars
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