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Gossip is a global command used to talk to all players in the game.
Gossip is to be used to discuss real world topics. Game information and
yelling for players to wake up or turn tells on is NOT allowed over the
gossip channel. Do NOT use foul language over gossip (this includes
abbreviations for foul language and "masking" foul language with numbers
or symbols). Do NOT talk about things that are offensive to others over
gossip. Do not make fun of or put down ANYONE (because other players may
be offended). Please only gossip in English, other languages are not
permitted. The penalty for abuse of the gossip command is loss of gossip
for a length of time determined by the staff.  You must be at least
level 5 to gossip.

> gossip Hey is anyone out there playing from Austrailia?
You gossip, 'Hey is anyone out there playing from Austrailia?'

Jerran gossips, 'I'm playing from New Zealand, that close enough?'

> gos That's pretty close, but I'm looking for someone from Sydney really.
You gossip, 'That's pretty close, but I'm looking for someone from Sydney

See Also:  Toggle, Ignore
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