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Auction's purpose is to sell items or to bid on items that are being sold.
Do NOT use the auction to ask for items you are looking for. No information
about the item's stats should be given over auction. You must be at least
level 5 to auction.

The ability to use the auction channel is a privilege, if you abuse it, you
will lose it.  The following rules stand:

1) If you put an item up for bid and someone bids at least the minimum bid
   (no stated minimum = 10 gold coins), you MUST sell the item to the
   person with the highest publically auctioned bid -- there are no private
   auctions (ie, you can't buy an item on auction with a tell, and you cannot
   restrict who buys the item from you). If an item is bid on it cannot be
   withdrawn, it must be sold.

2) If you bid on an item, you MUST have the gold to pay for that item.
   You cannot withdraw a bid for an item.

3) Bidding increments must be AT LEAST 10 gold coins.

4) When you put an item up for bid, you must leave it up for a MINIMUM
   of 30 seconds (REAL TIME).

If any of the rules above are broken, you will lose your auction
privilege for a month of real time.

> auction a silver shield min 100k

You auction, 'a silver shield min 100k


Jerran auctions, 'a glittering ring, 10k heard'

> auc 15k

You auction, '15k'

See Also:  Toggle, Ignore
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