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Library :: The Journals of Randal

By Randal

The 32nd day of the Month of the Cold Burden, Year 295


I must say that my second day of being here in Turien was just as fascinating as the day of my arrival yesterday. I have a feeling this city will never grow boring. There is just so much to see... I was able to walk down any street and find some building of interest. From what I've noticed, most of the shops are located on Crestview Road, which runs north and south of the Fountain Plaza, while the other two main roads, Darkstar Lane and Moon Shine Way, are mostly lined with peoples' homes and guilds. Oh, that reminds me, I still have yet to find my guild... I need to train in the ways of the Paladin. I'm sure there's a guild for Paladins around here somewhere.

At one point today, I walked a little bit north of the fountain plaza, and found an entrance to a sanctum of sorts. I entered it out of curiosity, and inside I found three portals (as well as the way out of the building, naturally). I couldn't help but peek into each of the portals, and I was surprised by what I found. One portal showed a picture of a small village, mostly inhabited by hard-working natives. The second portal showed a picture of another village, this one being in a forest, with a tribe of half-human, half-horse creatures. While both villages looked very interesting, I decided that I better just spend the day searching around Turien more. I don't want to explore too much all at once! So, as I looked into the third portal, I saw a peaceful-looking room with a group of adventurers resting in it. Since I plan on becoming a full-fledged adventurer, I figure that it's best to learn where all the gathering spots of my type are, so I decided to enter the portal...

My whole body felt shaky as I stepped into the magical portal, and I got nauseus at first, but I emerged from the portal within seconds, to find myself in a holy grove, in which the group of adventurers were resting and talking amongst themselves. I decided to stick around and meet some new people, and relax on my own. I'm amazed at the amount of different races of adventurers there are in Turien! I have seen all sorts of races, such as huge giants, tiny gnomes, and today I even encountered a drow elf! I always heard that the drow elves lived underground all their lives, but I guess even some of them have the desire to become an adventurer.

While I was resting in the holy grove and talking to people, someone cast a spell on me which caused me to start glowing. This frightened me at first, because I had no idea what was going on, and didn't even know it was a spell. I began to run around the room panicing, at which point the caster of the spell told me that it was indeed a spell they put on me, and that it would help me out in combat. I'm not quite ready for battle yet, so I had no use for the spell, but it was still quite an experience to have had a spell casted on me. I also saw something else very interesting while resting in the grove... a powerful warrior unsheathed his sword and held it high up in the air, and lightning came out of nowhere and struck the sword, bathing him in pure energy! If the warrior wields a sword such as that, he truly must be one of the most skilled adventurers in the land! I keep telling myself that someday, that will be me, wielding swords that are blessed by the Gods, vanquishing all evil from the land, and now that I'm here in Turien starting my adventure, it's all beginning to look like my dream is slowly coming true...

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