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Players can get guild titles that are seen by others while greeting or
looking at a room. In order to get a title, you must be a member of a
guild. Guild titles should be requested on the board in the Guild
Registration Building by guild leaders only. Once a title has been
created, a guild leader can bestow it upon any guild member (or even
multiple members).

Guild titles must be requested in one of the following formats:

Option 1:  <name><optional last name>, <title>
Example:   Jeran Ralnewark, the Keeper and Defender of the Harlorg Clan

Option 2:  <name> <title>
Example:   Jeran the Keeper and Defender of the Harlog Clan

Please be careful about spelling, punctuation and capitalization. It is
not a sentence (but rather a part of a sentence), so you do not need to
end it with a period. No "a", "an", "of", "and", or "the" should be
capitalized. All requested titles should contain the guild's name in
some form.

See Also:  Player Guilds
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