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Character naming can actually consist of multiple parts.

The main keyword that is used to identify the character is first name
(what you see on the "who" list). In some cases, however, you must use
the race of the character for identification. A good example of this
is when you have not met or been greeted by the character and you are

Characters can also have a last name or a guild name, these names are
generally only used for enhancing roleplaying or identifying which
guild this character belongs to.

Players should give their characters a non-contemporary name that would
be acceptable in a medieval fantasy roleplaying setting. This means one 
should not use names people would commonly have in the real world (Jeff, 
Mike, Rob, Susan, Lisa, and Fred are all examples of what not to use).   
You should also refrain from using words that are found in the dictionary
(ie. Stone, Sword, Rock, Steam). Names should not come from an existing
movie, myth, poem, or any other work by someone else. This means you
should not use names such as Merlin, Odysses, Odin or Spiderman. The
following are examples of what we consider acceptable: Kohnin, Dajik,
Havlin, Lisnap and Dwarlim.
If your name does not meet the above requirements you will be asked to
change it by a staff member. If you have any questions on a name feel
free to ask a non-builder staff member that happens to be online.

If you are asked to change your name, please don't give the staff
problems about it. They don't want you to have to change your name any 
more than you do, however, in order to encourage roleplaying and in an  
effort to promote the theme of the game the naming guidelines have become
a requirement. Change requests are done in the best interest of the game.

See Also:  Whoami, Who, Races, Greet
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