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Houses are available for sale throughout the realms, with only a few 

* A house can only be built in a place where a house would normally be  
  able to be built. (No sewers or under water houses, etc.)

* Houses will cost the same no matter where they are located.

* Named entrances can only be named something normal (eg - door, gate) 
  or they can be named something that is mentioned in the room description 
  the house is connected to (eg - tree).

* If you wish to purchase a house you will need 50% of the total cost 
  as a down payment.

* If you are unable to make a monthly (real time) payment you will 
  receive a notice the payment is due.  One week after the notice you will 
  lose your house to foreclosure.

* Extra rooms/flags/items can be added to a house any time after the 
  original purchase.

* More rules may be added at a later time as needed.

* All prices are listed in gold piece cost.

1 Room House w/door (rentable)                                   650k
1 Extra Room w/optional door (not rentable)                      325k
1 Extra Room w/o door (rentable)                                 550k

* If you pay for a rentable extra room then you can leave things in the 
  room and they will be there on your return.

Room Flags
2x Regen (HP, Move, Power, Mana, Song) Each                      125k
Aligned Room (1 Alignment per room only)                         175k
No teleport                                                      350k

Door flags
Auto-close                                                        75k
Auto-lock                                                        100k
Named exit                                                       125k
Hidden exit                                                      225k

Locks Durability Door/Cabinet (Upgradeable)
Almost none                                                       75k
Very Low                                                         110k
Low                                                              165k
Medium                                                           230k
High                                                             350k
Very High                                                        475k
Near Impenetrable                                                600k

Cabinet/Chest (no lock/immoveable)
50 lb max weight                                                  30k
100 lb max weight                                                 65k
150 lb max weight                                                100k
200 lb max weight                                                150k
250 lb max weight                                                225k

* Cabinets can be named by you unless you dont care and then it can be 

Miscellaneous Items
Clan Symbol/Crest                                                25k
Clan Symbols as Keys                                             35k
Extra Keys                                                       10k
Bulletin Board                                                  400k
Fountain                                                        275k
Item Restrings                                                   50k

ANY and ALL item restrings will be handled by me and will be done at my
unacceptable I will not restring it. So if you wish a restring try to think 
of a name that is in line with the medieval period. Restrings will also 
need to be in the same general line of description...ie: a cloak of 
burgundy can be changed to a wrap or cape. or different color in the 
name... but cannot be renamed a spiderman cape or similar. There will not 
be color added to restrings currently.
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