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Redeeming Multi-Purpose Points

Multi-Purpose Points (MPPs) can be redeemed by using the mpp command.

To see the different things you can redeem:

> mpp

To redeem something for your MPPs:

> mpp redeem <what to redeem>

The following is a list of some of the things MPPs can be used for an their
associated costs:

Levels are awarded for by using the following formula:

   2 * Your next level / 3 = # of MPP's required for successful wish

* Avatar levels that require a quest cannot be obtained using MPPs.
Permanent Alignment
Changing your permanent alignment will require the use of 15 MPPs per
change.  Note that each change can only move your alignment to an
immediately adjacent alignment (ie, to move from good to evil is 30

In addition to MPPs, all alignment changes will result in loss of Deity.
Further, all alignment changes should be roleplayed if the character is
roleplay approved.

After you have reached Hero (level 100) should you desire to abandon the 
deity you have followed to get to the 'avatar' status, there will
be no guarantee that you will get a new deity. If you can not make up 
your mind on what alignment you wish to be before you reach avatar
and you can't roleplay well enough to warrant an alignment change, then 
you will have to suffer the consequences.

Changing handedness will have the following MPP requirements:

   For left-handed to right-handed  = 10 MPP
   For right-handed to left-handed  = 10 MPP
   For left / right to ambidextrous = 50 MPP

Permanent Attributes
Wishing for an increase in permanent natural attributes (which include:
strength, intelligence, wisdom, dexterity, constitution, charisma, and
luck) will have the following MPP requirements:

   For increasing an attribute up to 15    = 15 MPP / point
   For increasing an attribute to 16-18    = 25 MPP / point
   For increasing an attribute to 19-23    = 40 MPP / point

Please Note:  A wish/MPP cannot increase a natural attribute over 23.

Racial Abilities
The different racial abilities available to you during character creation
are available to be purchased with MPPs.  A maximum of 10 different racial
abilities can be obtained per character.

See Also:  Multi-Purpose Points
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