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Item Consignments

Please read this entire help file carefully prior to placing any
items up for consignment.

Some shops allow players to place items up for sale to other players
via consignment (for a minimal fee). To find out if a shop provides
consignment services, simply type consignment while in the shop,
for example while in a shop that does not allow you to place items
on consignment would look like this:

> consignment

This shop does not provide consignment services.

The seller gets to choose the price to list the item at, but the shop
automatically takes a 10% fee upon sale of the item. Items are listed
for a maximum of 60 real days. Items place on consignment will persist
across reboots and are recoverable without a sale for 10% of the listed
price for a maximum for 120 real days. If the item is not sold or
recovered within those 120 days, the item is automatically forfeit.
To sell items by consignment a player must be at least level 5. Each
player can have a maximum of 20 consignment items at one time.

To place an item up for consignment, the consignment command is used
along with the name of the item and the list price in gold coins, this
must be performed while you are at the shop you wish to list your item
with. For example:

> consignment hammer 2000

+----------------------------[ Consignment ]-----------------------------+
| Consignment:        1                                                  |
| Item:               A green hammer                                     |
| Location:           The Weapon Shop of Turien                          |
| Listed Days Left:   60                                                 |
| Listed Price:       2000 gp                                            |
| Recovery Days Left: 120                                                |
| Recovery Price:     200 gp                                             |

Once this item has been placed on consignment, other players can interact
with the item just like any other item in a shop (that is to say, they can
examine, list, and buy them).

You can view a list of all of the items you have on consignment by
simply typing consignment (provided you are either in a shop that
provides consignment services or you are not in a shop at all):

> consignment

You do not have any active items on consignment.

In order to recover your payment when an item has been sold you use the
consignment recover command with the consignment entry number:

> consignment 1 recover

You receive a recovery payment of 1800 gold coins.

The same command is also used to recover an item (for the 10% listing fee)
that has not sold. For example to get the green hammer back for 200 gold
coins, while in the shop you'd use:

> consignment 1 recover

You recover a green hammer from consignment.

You can view a list of all of your active consignments by using the
consignments command without any other arguments, for example:

> consignment

You do not have any active items on consignment.

See Also:  Shops, Buy, Sell, Examine, List
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