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Even without any real skill it is possible to catch fish, all it takes
is a little luck and the right gear. So you'll need some type of fishing
equipment (typically a fishing pole or fishing rod) to hold and you will
need to be in a location near water. Be aware that not all locations are
equal and your gear can also make a significant difference. When you
catch the right fish, there are tasks available to all players which
enable you to increase your fishing skills. There are a total of 5 fishing
skills (numbered one through five) and each skill level roughly corresponds
to different species of fishes.

Once you are ready to try your hand, all you need to do is use the
fish command and add an optional skill level, if you like (you'll
just go for the biggest best fish if you can if you don't provide one):

> fish {0||1||2||3||4||5}

When you've caught fish, it is also possible to skin them.

You can still issue many commands while you are fishing, however, there
are some which will force you stop fishing, these include: any movement
command (north, south, etc), enter (an exit), forage, fish, mine, skin,
forge, cast, rest, pray, meditate or sleep. Amongst other things, this
means you can stop trying to fish with the fish command:

> fish

See Also:  Tasks, Skinning, Mining, Foraging
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