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When you have no more health (hit points) left in your mortal body,
you will die. This can come about in various ways, some of the most
common are being slain by a creature, starvation and poisoning. There
are also ways to bring about death by arcane or divine methods. When
you die, your lifeless body drops to the ground and you lose control
of your character's basic functions as you turn into an ethereal
spirit for a fairly short period of time. Hopefully, you can then
find your way back to where you died and upon finding your corpse
you will be brought back to life. Alternately, either a friendly
cleric or an immortal will resurrect your corpse. At that time any
of your belongings that were still on your corpse go back into your
inventory. Be aware that some creatures are scavengers and will
take what they see, so if you perish near one of these, they will
loot your possessions. Sometimes when you die you will lose a
natural constitution point (which is a measure of your character's
general health). There are ways from within the game (such as MPPs
and special items) to gain natural constitution points. It is possible
to die permanently, if you are sent back to the main menu instead of
just having the world turn black on you, your corpse could not be
resurrected. This happens when your character gets an extremely low
natural constitution. You can also die permanently if nobody resurrects
you within 1 game day (24 game hours - approx. 30 minutes).  It is
highly recommended that you attempt to avoid dying as it provides
no benefit to your character.

If you die to a Non Player Character (NPC) or around one (for example,
because you starve to death) for any reason and the NPC takes your
equipment, Staff can not and will not be able to help you if you were
not roleplaying at the time. While we understand this seems a bit harsh
it is necessary to be fair to all. If you were roleplaying at the time,
it might be possible to roleplay for some or all of your items back.

Also please know that while your items are on the NPC, if another
player kills the NPC and takes the items it is not against the rules.
While we agree it is in poor form, it is not against the rules.

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           What is Roleplaying?
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