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Chat is a method of communication by which all players in the game
who have joined the chat session and are in the game can see what
is said. Additionally, owners of the chat session can view a running
log of the session. Only the original creator of a chat session can
add and remove owners. All session owners can leave and join the chat
session at will (no invitation needed). All active chats are saved
across reboots. The only way chats are removed is if they are inactive
for 3 days or they are stopped by an owner. To create chats in Distant
Lands, you use the chat command. To actually send information to
a chat session, you start with the number of the session instead of
a command, for example:

> 1 Hello!

To view a list of your existing chat sessions:

> chat

To create a new private chat session:

> chat create <topic name>

You can invite any player character to chat with you, even if they
are not currently in the game. To invite someone to a private chat
where you are an owner:

> chat <chat #> invite <player name>

To join a chat session that you've been invited to (or a
public chat session):

> chat <chat #> join {public}

To leave a chat session:

> chat <chat #> leave

If you are an owner of the session, you can view a log of the session:

> chat <chat #> log

Anyone can join a public chat session. To see a list of all available
public chat sessions:

> chat public

You can join a public chat session using join as noted above, or:

> chat public join <public chat #>

If you created the chat session, you can add or remove owners with:

> chat <chat #> owner <player name>

You can also remove owners, members and invitations with:

> chat <chat #> remove <player name>

If you'd like to completely end a chat session manually:

> chat <chat #> stop

To change (or create if you didn't originally) a chat topic:

> chat <chat #> topic <new topic name>

You can put color in your chat sessions by using the color
codes in help prompt.

See Also:  Communication, Prompt
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