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As a prerequisite to becoming a builder you must have at least 1 character that
has reached level 20. This is required to ensure that our builders have at
least some fundamental knowledge about Distant Lands.

We would like to encourage all that think they would like to build to apply  
to become a builder. Remember not everyone is able to build, even though you
may think you have a great idea, and you very well might, putting that idea  
into written words is often far more difficult than one would think. However,
if you would like to submit an application compiled below is a few things you
should do as well as a few things you should avoid.

All area ideas should be completely original... this means not having
been used on another MUD/MUSH. The more original the idea the more an area    
tends to stand out with the players also. Your imagination is a wonderful  
tool...use it! Further, all areas must be medieval fantasy settings, we do
not allow future or contemporary items, themes or creatures.

o  When you send your application it must include three to five detailed
   room descriptions.

   o  These descriptions should be as PC neutral as possible. PC neutral
      means that the room would make sense if someone saw the room through
      translook (when they are not actually in the room). If someone was
      teleported there and had  not seen the previous rooms, this room would
      make sense. Do not use the terms left, right, instead directional terms
      are used, north, east, west, and south. If you wish to describe a sound
      or a smell it should not be done in the room description but rather with
      action messages (to alleviate the translook problem mentioned above). The
      word YOU or any form of the word must NOT be used in room descriptions.
      What one person might find sick and disgusting could be another person's
      dream, be careful how you word things. The basic rule of PC neutrality
      is you should not tell the PC how he or she feels about anything, you
      should simply describe the surrounding area and let the PC decide how he
      or she feels or thinks about things.

   o  A creature that might be in the room should NOT be included in the
      room description as the creature may not be there always.

o  We also ask that you include an idea of what creatures and items you
   will create for the area.

o  Please make sure you are very careful with both spelling and grammar.  
   We do not have the manpower to go through and proofread everything that is
   built, so if your grammar/spelling on the application is bad, it is likely
   you will not be asked to build for Distant Lands.

Send your applications to us at builder@dl2.net. We will
respond to all applications as soon as we can.
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