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From time to time on Distant Lands we will have an arena. If the
arena is the appropriate level range, and you can afford to enter,
you can enter using the arena command. Before & after each arena all
participants are fully healed. During some arenas you can get fully
healed for beating another participant. The last person in the arena
is the winner, he or she will usually recieve either gold or some
other prize. Premeditated teaming (joining up with one or more
players to your benefit), is not allowed unless it is explicitly
stated that it is allowed. Doing so will probably result in you
forfeiting your chance to win the arena.

Typing the arena command will provide information about a scheduled

> arena


> arena 3

The arena list command will provide you with a list of scheduled

> arena list

The arena is open for levels 1 to 10.
The arena will start in 5 hours.

> arena join

Arena News:  Jeran has entered the arena.
You join the arena, it costs you 60 gold coins.

The Arena Waiting Cell
   You are in a small cell used to hold gladiators before the Arena.
[ Exits: None. ]


Additionally, to see the top 20 list of Arena Winners, use:

> arena winners

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