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 Post subject: Following the light of a fueless lamp
PostPosted: Fri Feb 09, 2007 3:16 am 
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Looking for my punk rock princess
But all I found was the guy from queen
Wanted someone that knew what Hurley was
He thought I called him Shirely, just cause
Hopefully she'd accept a Star Wars wedding
He said he's been in three
She'd say I looked cute in my hawian shirts and my work boots
But he wanted me to wear a thong for the photo shoots
Her black mascara would always run in the rain
So does his, but it just doesn't look the same
Pouting black lipstick telling me she loves me
I can't think of a good way to end it :(
Shadows of another life
Something greater than what I am
A shell of what could have been
A test of the soul
A failure of the heart
Mending what was before unbreakable
Supporting the devoutly unshakeable
All waiting for it to crumble again
Placing all your faith in hope and hope being nothing anymore
Clothed in broken promises
Wielding a shattered dream
Pushing on for that first last chance
Seeing red through bloodshot eyes
Take another shot
EAch night that same familiar darkness in that same corner stool
Grasping through the stale air seeking that one
Take another shot, and fail, again
Hands begin to tremble, take another shot and bravado floods the heart
A smile from across the room
A lifetime of memories flooding back
Take another shot and again they fade
Take another shot and glance at the clock
The hand sweeps on to that same familure time
Force yourself to the door on two shakey legs
Force yourself home fighting two shattered halves of another broken heart
Take another shot and wish youself one more peaceful night
Further than yesterday but not enough for tommorow
Fleeing from today, chased by the past
Fearing for the future
Driven to madness being lost in time
Left is always right, as it is always wrong
Upwards only takes you down deeper into the hole
Void of logic all ways you turn
Pain turns from red to black
And love doesn't taste as sweet
Emotion numbing the soul until feeling is lost
Order chaos and nothing more
Reasoning with riddles
Broken promies and shattered dreams
Little boys grow up to be men filled with these things
Half truthes and whole lies
Men become fathers fighting these things
Innocent smiles and heartfelt cries
Fathers become little boys dieing for these things
So yea......most of those came a few nights after my fiance ran off with the other guy. Not a lot to do on breaks at work. This little green notebook its what kept me sane. This place is more and more like family everyday. Figured I'd share before I eventually lose this thing.
Anyone got ideas for an ending to the first one?

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