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 Post subject: New Skills
PostPosted: Sun Aug 08, 2010 3:33 pm 

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Was just bored and thought I'd come up with some ideas for new skells spills and abilities for current classes in the game :) It'd probably take a lot of work to implement but what the hey, just making ideas is kinda fun :) I hope I didn't miss any classes!

Thief - nothing comes to mind

Assassin - nothing comes to mind

Mage - Mages are powered enough... they don't need anything :) Maybe add the ability to close portals and make two-way portals.

Barbarian - Barbarian's Rage <-- I'm thinking level 200 spell exclusive to barbs, buff spell self only add 500HP 5 stop all, an extra hit (so hitting 4/4/4 would go to 5/5/5) and increased criticals - melee classes REALLY need something to make them stand out in my opinion.

Cavalier - circle charge <---- skill similar to circle stab, when in a group of 3, ability to charge the enemy while it is distracted.

Cleric - Clerics are powered enough... they don't need anything :)

Illusionist - Silence <---- i think it was mentioned earlier, ability to cut an enemy off from using magic while the spell lasts

Ninja <-- throat jab <--- passive skill which adds a chance to assassinate after level 200.

Monk - Monk's Fury <--- a SHORT time buff spell that makes a monk dodge all enemy melee attacks and adds 4 damage to all their attacks, similar to illusionists mirrors. I'm thinking level 200 spell
monk exclusive

Warrior <--- honestly, they deserve to get Sanctuary and Full heal at level 200, there's no reason they shouldn't

Paladin < ---- same as warriors, they should get Sanctuary and Full Heal at 200 for class balance.

Druid < ---- I think it would be cool if they got a summon familiar spell at 200, it would be a random familiar such as a Dragon, Bear, Faerie, or a Living Sword. Dragon Bear and Sword would assist in battle to increase damage while a Faerie would periodically cast helpful healing spells at random. The familiar would fade away after a random period of time and only one could be summoned at a time. Bear would be light damage, Sword moderate damage, and Dragon fairly hard hitting.

Ranger < -- Eagle Eye <---- a level 200 buff spell that would increase critical hit rate to 75% for a short time. Self only.

 Post subject: Re: New Skills
PostPosted: Sat Aug 21, 2010 1:32 pm 

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