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 Post subject: Some things I was thinking of...
PostPosted: Thu Mar 04, 2010 12:30 am 
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Paladins: Both would get 2 new spells to their spell set.
Sanctuary - Same as the cleric spell but would be able to practice it at level 75 or 80, that range.
Smite - A holy magical attack that strikes onto the target and does extreme damage. Think shriek but can be done once a prompt but with a 50-100 mana cost per cast.

Clerics: You guys don't need anything right now.

Mages: All they really need is at least 2 higher end spells that don't damage equipment so they're group friendly. 1 for AoE and 1 for single.

Illusionsist: Mirror Image can be cast onto other people. Its a small step but one that would allow the class to join in with other people.

Cavalier: Something to the extent of a circle backstab. A very low chance to slip from combat, move back, and lunge at the foe another time. Would still require multiple people in the group to pull off and work a lot less often.

Ninja: 2 new passive skills.
Eye gouge - A passive skill that attempts every prompt per a % to blind the enemy and do minor damage.
Leg sweep - A passive skill that acts like a bash and does damage to the enemy.

Bard: 1 new spell.
A song that heals the entire room much like the refresh song they have.

Thief/Assassin: For groups they're good - for now.

Barbarian: 1 new skill.
Rage - Would basically just their critical chance because they're designed to be melee damage dealers.

Warrior: 1 new skill.
Guard - While using a shield they would get a hidden benefit to defenses.. maybe say, +10 melee.

Monk: 3 new skills.
The skills would generally tier up until max mortal level. In essence each one would increase a monk by +3 hit/dam.

Ranger: Stumped.. they're supposed to be ranged but there isn't a ranged facet.


Now with that out of the way, these are some other things I was thinking of also.

Items would be revamped and scaled in the game to make better sense. Much more class restrictive so as to do away with the idea of clerics being the super character. All equipment would just be built around the idea of being "appropriate". I feel that this would enhance the game in a way that players would then want group up more than say than the usual: Tank + Healer. I'm slowly losing my train of thought so I'm ditching the post here for now, if you have any ideas or flames or whatever, please reply. Input is desired and needed!

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 Post subject: Re: Some things I was thinking of...
PostPosted: Fri Mar 05, 2010 6:20 am 

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Yeah, those ideas are a little more concrete. But I really think that silence would be a great addition. With a little bit more attention directed on placement I think it would benefit some magic using class.

The paladin spells sound ok, but I think there is a spell that we could add to paladin's to suit the different alignments. Correct me if I'm wrong but paladin's get dispel evil at level 25 and protection from evil at level 40. That would prove unusefull to evil paladins so I would suggest changing given spells based on alignment. I never use any of those spells but I remember that they are pretty effective if used properly.

I think mages are decent regarding groups but perhaps we can adjust current spells to fit what your talking about. Make Fireshield a person to person spell and even though it may be stretched, stoneskin.

I'm not too familiar with any other Classes so that'll do pig, that'll do.

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 Post subject: Re: Some things I was thinking of...
PostPosted: Sat Mar 06, 2010 12:08 am 
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I think clerics are too strong, and I'm a cleric. The gear I'm trying to help load I'll most likely toss to Strigmon because why? He is a tanker. I'm all for more clerical items that do more mana, more regen, and set stats or big improved to stats. Bites that in full mana stuff I have no strength setter or dex setter. I do like the new mana items. I'm happy where Gydin is at until he hits max level I'm sure. It's nice to kill stuff on my own though. Double edged sword on agreeing that items need to be more class specific or class bonus. But class bonus wouldn't help because they're all still sick items. Maybe new zones will produce those.

Some old zones need to be looked at and items need to be fixed. Some zones have gear that never get used, not even by lower level chars because there is already something better from an older zone. The idea of new zones, to me, is to improve upon current items or provide something comparable and I just don't see it as being comparable. I don't know who built the tundra, but small tweaks to that gear would make it decent gear for lower levels. I'd love to be able to go in and do that.

I have a builder, why don't I build? I'm stuck. I have no idea where my direction should go but all my rooms are linked except for 2 small bonus room. I could revamp it for a mid range zone for exp for those players but, it's usually easier to just take someone and let them get the kill hits on much larger mobs. I cold revamp it and make it about level 100-150 mobs roaming around. Not too crazy difficult but would be a bit more fun to walk through an entire zone of mobs all that level that assist and rescue and chase. I don't want to go any higher because others are already working on zones that large. I want the zone to be doable by everyone, not just ubers, and no big anti stab mobs. Stabbers are pretty much useless now on the uber mobs. Not really fair for those that play a stabber as their main.

I love the ideas about class skills. I want to suggest different stances of fighting as well.
Defensive stance - lowers damage, raises melee. Maybe 5 points each way. 10 points?
Neutral - same as what we do now.
Aggressive - do more damage, lowers melee. Maybe 5 points each way. 10 points?

Get a tanker fighting a huge mob with a group behind him as he stands there best he can taking the hits or people who are aggressive behind him dealing out as much damage as fast as they can. Pray you flee on time otherwise all the aggressive stances are gonna get hit really hard. I'd suggest making it an out of battle change so you can't be changing back and forth while fighting.

Loving DL right now. Everyone go vote. Thanks to Nezmar for all the work he does and his recent changes.

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 Post subject: Re: Some things I was thinking of...
PostPosted: Sun Mar 07, 2010 11:07 am 
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So what about druids and damage spells? Their last single damage spell is summon fire and it burns equipment! Granted they get dispel evil/protection from evil, but druids are supposed to be mediators, so it would make sense to have both sides of those spells. I vote that druids get dispel good/protection from good plus a single damage spell/area affect for a higher level.

Assassins and thieves are good for groups, you're right, but do you know how much of a standstill it becomes at a higher level when you try to get experience soloing as one of these classes? It's almost impossible!

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 Post subject: Re: Some things I was thinking of...
PostPosted: Sat Mar 13, 2010 4:36 pm 

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I guess I'll go ahead and start with the ninja ideas.

Great. I have been talking with a few people about a similar ability that, not only would give ninja's a little more utility, but give them some much needed help with our melee, since we are at an obvious disadvantage*.

My idea was to have our skill, [Kick], have a % for successfully landing, to bash the opponent and inflict a little more damage when we do so, quite similar to a normal bash. In my opinion, from playing a ninja 1-134, I don't see how it would make us superior or overpowered by ANY means, I think it would make us (ninjas) a little friendlier to other people, and a more versatile class.

My other thoughts are about Spider Kick, it's blatant the problems witih Spider Kick, and perhaps to address the issue, perhaps Leg Sweep or whichever gets implemented, to replace Spider, and have it trainable at level 70.

I could go on and on, let's get some more feedback y'all!

Kahal, the Paladin.

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