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 Post subject: Mage's and Charmie Cast
PostPosted: Fri Feb 19, 2010 6:02 pm 
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This is a copy and paste from Monev's post in the reading room, the board was full so i thought i would put it here for discussion.

I realize that this has been taken out of the DL loop for a while but I
think that we should re-visit this subject. The ability to order charmies
to cast shouldn't be taken away completely (In my opinion). I'm not too
knowledgeable on this subject because I'm not sure what the determining
factor was. Regardless, I think the cap should be controlled as well as
the minimum with the spells that can be used. If not then we can put a
more distinguished delay on the earlier levels spells to limit the
capabilities of those with the ability to create 6+ charmies casting one
low levels spell that acts on 1 to 2 prompts. Controlling someone's mind
means that the magic that they wield is in the controllers hands. Fairness
however is in the voters hands concerning ability to flee while being
casted on. The only spell that I can determine unfair when dealing with
multiple charmies is "Magic Missile". It is nearly an instant spell and
happens within a 2 prompts of when the spell is cast. I know there are some
determining factors like "What if the caster initiates the spell before the
enemy enters the room". Well that is simple to a point, there are spells
for mages and alike that cause serious damage with just one individual
cast. That is why the level limit is set. If you walk in on a multiple
cast with several charmies then bad luck on you. You should have scanned
and moved with the appropriate offensive actions.

Now I am not a master of magical combat let along hand to hand regarding
this game but I do pay attention to how things can be done. If I am missing
something then please inform me so I can retract this statement. All in all
I don't think charmers should be stripped of complete magical use from a
spell that grants them just that.

Monev Griszling.

Now to add my 2 cents, i also would like to see charmies be able to cast again. I also don't know why it was ever taken away, but the game has changed a lot and i don't think it would be unbalanced to let charmies cast. I remember in old dl, you could charm a bunch of cleric type mobs and have them heal you up really fast. Now if that was a factor, that's understandable but the game today isn't focused on long time consuming Regen, and every player can Regen insanely fast these days. I find myself rarely using charmed mobs in my play style simply because they aren't worth the time. I can just fireshield tank a mob and its much faster than using charmies. All in all i think if charmies could once again cast spells, if would add more depth to the play-style of those classes who had them.

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