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What do you think is the best class to play in DL?
Cleric 0%  0%  [ 0 ]
Mage 100%  100%  [ 1 ]
Cavalier 0%  0%  [ 0 ]
Warrior 0%  0%  [ 0 ]
Assassin 0%  0%  [ 0 ]
Thief 0%  0%  [ 0 ]
Illusionist 0%  0%  [ 0 ]
Bard 0%  0%  [ 0 ]
Ninja 0%  0%  [ 0 ]
Monk 0%  0%  [ 0 ]
Druid 0%  0%  [ 0 ]
Paladin 0%  0%  [ 0 ]
Ranger 0%  0%  [ 0 ]
Barbarian 0%  0%  [ 0 ]
Total votes : 1
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 Post subject: Class updates and feedback from Mortius
PostPosted: Sun Dec 25, 2016 10:23 pm 

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Hey all :)

Thought I'd fill in some of my thoughts/opinions on the class updates and changes since I've been back. I also thought it might be worth reviewing and evaluating what I thought of each class as a whole. Maybe it'll help you pick your next class or subclass? Lemme know what you think! There's a few classes I don't think I really know well enough to evaluate, so I'll leave those blank, hopefully somebody else will choose to fill them in!

Classes: Thief, Assassin, Cavalier, Cleric, Paladin, Ranger, Monk, Druid, Barbarian, Ninja, Bard, Warrior, Illusionist, Mage

Thief: SCORE: 6/10
Thieves are pretty sweet! They can pick any lock in the game, and steal from people! But... what can they do that assassins can't? Not much more. Great for roleplaying, so so for hack and slash with their neato backstabs. I feel like this class would benefit from a naturally enhanced backstab, or extra backstab skills, or something else that made them stand out a bit more. I think I would leave this class alone unless you want to subclass for the lock picking skills... but really, all of the best areas aren't locked up that tight.

Assassin: SCORE: 8.5/10
Assassins are pretty rad! Woww that spine shot is satisfying. To one hit KO something is very nice. Even if it's not super consistent, with the right set of gear, you can land it often enough. Not many spells to work with. The class really shines when combined with a subclass that has tanks. Overall great in a party, circle stab is a nice touch. I don't think their base skills are lacking at all. Definitely a good top choice for a base character. Is there any reason assassins don't get dirks though?? There's so many low level and high level dirks in the game with +backstab and +assassinate in the game... but assassins never learn to use dirks which are essentially daggers. Does this make much sense? I don't think so.

Cavalier: SCORE: 9.5/10
HOLY AWESOME. Warhorses, and massive charges? These guys are FANTASTIC on a mount. Can't be beat. Take'em off their horse? They're more like a 5/10 or 6/10. There's lots of areas where it doesn't make sense to mount. They can create flurries of great warhorses to tank. They don't really need an ounce of tuning, they're power houses early game, and late game, and have great natural HP. Even better when you subclass them with something to compliment their skills.

Cleric: SCORE 8/10
Sanctuary, Full Heal, need I say more? Clerics are a staple in this game. With all the other classes getting tank spells though they've taken a bit of a backseat. I feel like clerics could benefit with some sort of new, unique spell that was "better" than things like warhorses/steeds. If Clerics could create some sort of enhanced Sanctuary that made it worth it for PCs to start tanking monster straight up again, they would make a come back. Also, with the game's current balance, I think full heal is overpriced, 200 mana for a full heal? Just have horses and steeds tank and avoid those pesky mana costs. I think an enhanced prayer mode for faster regen would be a neat addition too. Overall, a great subclass for after avatar, I wouldn't really pick a cleric for a base class the way they are now.

Paladin 4/10
OUCH, my first tank rating. No more 2 handers? Laying of hands is less special now that cure critical is a better spell. Cool, they can summon steeds, and have slow and steady damage. They're pretty run of the mill. There's nothing unique, or special about paladins. They would really benefit I think from unique spells/skills, maybe an idea would be to give them some kind of group buff? Paladins are meant to be great groupers. Something that got better, the more group members you have? have two people in your group with a paladin? Their buff makes all group members have +20% damage and defense. Add a third player? The buff increases to +40% damage and defense for each player. By yourself? +10% buff. It'll motivate paladins to find people to group with, and groups will definitely want to have a paladin in their entourage. As it stands, I wouldn't pick a paladin as a base class, or even a subclass, they're sorely lacking.

Ranger SCORE: 4.5/10
All of the same problems that paladins have. They're okay at everything, they're fantastic at really nothing, and they don't get 2 handers anymore! They honestly don't deal enough damage to be threats. Ice shields and steeds are nice, so so damage, a little bit better than Paladins, but really not much. I'd stay away from this class altogether until they get something unique added to them. I feel like "notrack" should be part of their spell list by the way they function. A new archery skill might be a neat addition, where they can pelt arrows from another room. But how would that be fair for the monsters? HMM, would have to think on that more.

Monk SCORE: 7/10
FANTASTIC early/mid game. They work great until about level 150 when they even off. Stun is such a cool, unique ability, I love it! Apparently stun seems to stop working after level 150 making larger monsters in the game pretty much impossible to hurt with a monk. Don't plan on playing above the lord status in the game? These are great. If you want to be an almighty avatar or demigod, better hold off on this class until stun is working again. Great as a base class, not so great as a subclass in my view.

Druid SCORE: 7.5/10
Neat class! Tank spells. Scythes. Blade Barriers. I've always loved druids. I wonder why so few people play them? Not many around, but I think this is a great base class and even a great subclass. Well rounded, lots of abilities, elementals are awesome. I wish they had the ability to mend organic items, that'd be really neat. Pretty solid class and a great choice.

Barbarian SCORE: 8.5/10
Barbarians can TANK! Best natural HP in the game, their fear of magic balances that. Lots of unique class specific items that work great for them. Berserk works great, the lag is appropriate for them. Add a subclass to them and they are absolute monsters. I would use this as a base class any time, their natural HP is one of their best draws making them less attractive to subclass. 2 Handed skills are fantastic, and they're the best meat shields the game has to offer. Sadly their usefulness is a bit stripped away by other classes getting warhorses, steeds, and wind dragons, everybody's got their own personal barbarian these days! I feel like barbarians could use a little perk. Maybe added defense? Shouts that weaken their opponents?

Ninja SCORE: N/A
I really don't know enough to evaluate here, trip seems neat, how often does Hyder's kick work? Not many ninjas in the game, not a lot of class specific gear for them.

Bard SCORE: 7/10
Charm song is fantastic! Charm an army, summon charmed it over to you. These guys work great! Subclass is with a mage and you're in heaven. Decent damage, longswords are great, vast array of skills that are powerful and unique. I feel like there's not enough SP gear in the game, I think that's what they lack the most, class specific gear that enhances them enough. Use a bard right and they're unstoppable.

Warrior SCORE: 9.5/10
2 Handers, warhorses, ability to tank, great natural HP. These are top tier fighters. Cavaliers are better specialty fighters on a mount, but Warriors benefit from the fact that they're better in EVERY situation. They can bash, great on the ground, they can hop on a mount and still deal fantastic damage, always a great addition to a group. These make an amazing base class, as well as a great subclass. Early, mid, and end game all are fantastic with a Warrior

Illusionist SCORE: 6.5/10
Neat class. Wind dragons, Mirror Images are great. Minor portals also work great. I feel like they should get longswords naturally. Life gate is always cool, I'm shocked they don't have speed or improved strength, or vitalize power, why not just play a mage? It feels like they've been knee chopped a little bit. Fantastic to subclass, I doubt I'd pick one as a base class. They're missing too many of the mage skills. Also blur, why isn't it like shield? Being able to cast "Blur" on items would be really helpful, or just give them the "Shield" spell? It makes sense. They feel like a half complete class still, even with mirror images. Maybe Group Speed? Something to enhance the party?

SCORE 10/10
Holy wow!! These guys were amazing before the class changes. Post class changes? They just got way better, I think they got the long end of the stick in every way. Steelskin? 5 stop all? Awesome, now you can tank. Speed? HOLY HITS, now you can do some REAL damage and help people in your group deal crazy damage too!! This class has been beefed like crazy, and is in all honestly I think the strongest class in the game. Great tanks with steelskin, great damage output, fantastic tanks with monsums, and lots of portability with minor portal and major portal. Perfect as a base class, PERFECT as a subclass. Almost every class in the game gets exponentially better by subclassing as a mage.

Hope ya'll enjoyed my reviews of the current DL classes! Feel free to add some feedback :P Looking forward to other people's thoughts! And I would love if ninjas/bards out there dropped a bit of their own class review to fill in.

Mortius Aegis the Blacksmith Wannabe, attempted apprentice to Choden, successor to Araya.

 Post subject: Re: Class updates and feedback from Mortius
PostPosted: Thu Jan 05, 2017 1:09 pm 

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Bard master reporting in. I believe I got Rai up to 250s before a purge. At that time I would have ranked bards a 10/10. You were able to have 3 steeds and 10+ charmies doing serious work for you. This was also when steeds could cast and all my charmies could act as bashers/kickers/casters as well. There was nothing more glorious than sneaking into a room, casting summon charmed and watch the havoc ensue.

The bards area spells are DEVASTATING. In arenas, I would mount a steed and just go to town with areas. I was told my highest output on an area spell was in excess of 800 damage. Problem is, it will scrap everything. I used it in RP as a way to decimate other players and their gear.

There are lots of SP items, but really song regen is the key. I believe I had it up to 1 song/sec outside of regen rooms.

Its been a long time since I played, but I have actually been rekindling my interest of late, so dont be surprised to see a Rai on the horizon.


PS Ninjas are awesome too, believe I got Toshiro to 150s and he was able to solo some incredible mobs with hyders kick. Ninja and Monk teamup was stuntastic!

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 Post subject: Re: Class updates and feedback from Mortius
PostPosted: Sun Jan 08, 2017 10:23 am 

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Rai, Really?

I haven't heard from you in ages or found a way to keep in touch with you, but then you're just actively on the board.
You could log in and mail me sometime you know! Nice to see your name around the game still though. Take care bud!


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 Post subject: Re: Class updates and feedback from Mortius
PostPosted: Thu Jan 12, 2017 6:58 pm 

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You will find that mail rai now works in game! Bard power! :eek2:

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 Post subject: Re: Class updates and feedback from Mortius
PostPosted: Sat Feb 11, 2017 9:27 pm 

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Well done Mortius, nice write up! I haven't played any of the other classes recently with the new changes so can't really comment on any of them. Illusionist does feel knee chopped as you say. No 1H axe, no shield or vit power spells. Not sure if that's an error or something. During the first 50 levels Illusionist still feels like a super slow cousin of the Mage. I do agree with your assessment of the class. So far I'd give it 6/10. I'll reevaluate the score on the next 50 levels again. Overall Illusionist just feels weak especially when directly compared to the other power class the mage. If there are any new players reading this my suggestion is to just play a mage. They are way more useful in both solo and group situations. If you want to solo stuff then Illusionist is okay later on.

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