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 Post subject: Yule Time Greetings
PostPosted: Fri Dec 18, 2015 6:44 pm 

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Hello everyone, happy holidays! :attn:

I hope that each and everyone of you has a wonderful time as 2015 wraps up. Please stay tuned in for all the normal pizazz,
jazz, disintegrating, mind-blowing, and fervor revel that we've all come to know and love during the last advent calendar
days. If you're just visiting the website and haven't logged in for a while please do, it'll be great to rekindle our memories and
get you started back on your quest to become the most bodacious dl-player of legendary fame.

At this time though I wanted to ask everyone what their favorite part of Distant Lands was; no exclusions, limitation, or
penalties for your answers. Thank you in advance- I can't wait to see all of the responses.

I'll kick us off with the top of the list:

1) My favorite part of Distant Lands the giant gingerbread men with gumdrop buttons bringing down the eight-pointed death star on the full moon of Yule-Time's eve. I just love how it takes vats of steaming mouse milk to crumble those giants before
they lay a dastardly siege upon the city of Turien. I can't wait to see how everybody manages to stop the wrath of the witches
giantkin army this year.

<3 :rofl: :naughty: :eek3: :D :hug: :???: 8) :( :cry: :rant: :attn: :squint: :lol: :nod: :) :blush:
-Sincerely, Lord of the rats and mice.

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 Post subject: Re: Yule Time Greetings
PostPosted: Tue Dec 29, 2015 5:56 am 
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I'll bite..

First one,

No idea when this took place (a long time ago). I remember back when one of those bigger player based guilds had a castle just north of the fountain. This was back when I was rping as a thief more than an assassin (it's when I hit Lesser Lord, back when level 102 was Lesser Lord). I just started learning more thieving skills, so I broke into the castle and found my way into about 10 different rooms. One room, took me FOREVER to break into.. chests, trunks, crates, etc. everywhere. I begin to open them up and you can tell right away the type of player it was. Back then, if the items inside a room were items you've never seen before. Odds are, it's an older player. Normally near the Demi-god range (level). So I've got my head deep inside one crate trying to pick some nice items to run off with and..... my luck.... the Demi-god owner of the room and treasure logs on. My first instinct is to "hide". Well.. him being a Demi-god, odds are, I'm not going to hide very well from him. My greed takes over and I grab an old guild crest (Was our thing in CoD, bear crests of other guilds) from one of the crate just as he flips on his "RP" flag. I exit stage left, then recall. Safe? Ha! Yeah.. if only I were that lucky..

As soon as I touch down at the fountain, he is there, grinning. A stern kick to the midsection and blood shoots out from my mouth like a cannon ball. With no chance in hell to overcome this Demi-god, I flee. Stumbling my way into the "Mortal Reading Room", I land at the feet of two unexpected "Avatar's". A half-elf named, Praticus and a weirdo named, Jaron. Unfortunately for me, the weirdo was part of the Demi-gods "inner circle". Storming in from the fountain the Demi-god continues the onslaught, pummeling my face with his fists. Praticus, I remember just giggled and said, "Nas is always up to something.". As I am being ripped apart, I'm spamming "q potion" (have to keep a few FH poitions on you back then, in RP), Joran decides to join the mosh pit.

Long story short, I escaped.. barely. I was captured a few days later and killed. One of the few times I was actually killed in RP (believe it or not).

Jaron and I became close after that, we shared a sacred bond (Synia!). Kidding.. She helped convince him, that I wasn't so bad (an evil assassin/thief, what do you expect?).
Praticus, I seen him on here around Jan of 2015. He helped me a lot, very intelligent player.

I'll post another one later.

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 Post subject: Re: Yule Time Greetings
PostPosted: Wed Feb 10, 2016 7:38 am 
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^ That's a cool story.

(40*)Bojie is standing here.

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