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 Post subject: Ain't no cure for the Administrative Blues
PostPosted: Tue Sep 22, 2015 10:43 am 

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I'm going to take a little bit of time to acknowledge a few of the problems that keep on growing here, since I've no rebuttal and have a dire need to address them. For starters the forums are for ideas and feedback, not bickering. If you have a problem with
me being around, you're more than welcome to leave it. Yet, I hasten you each to remember that this is the place where
prospective players examine us from the outside- and frankly you've all given them zero incentive to visit us. For that, I'm
saddened beyond any other prospect for I've done nothing in my years here except try to excel in spreading a good word about
Distant Lands. . .

Now then, to the matters at hand.

I fork out a good amount of my time to assist with functions I volunteered for. So there is zero room for me to complain that
I get no pay of any kind. I extract the third form of payment Plato speaks about in "The Republic". That of penalty. I have no
need to make that any clearer for you. However, I do have certain dalliances that are more of my interest than others. Such as moderation of players. . . but we'll come back to this at the end.

As for incentivizing the game for returning players, I have no intention to desist. If you're well unaware of the fact that I was the
reason for the last good five or so player wipes, then you've just now found your culprit. I thought it would cultivate a medium for equality in the playing fields of the game. What I've come to realize is that people returning have no motivation whereas they once had ample reason to become "the elite". More frequently though, a player anointed with a pre-avatar character is given the stability to muck around like they once did, which in turn enhances their drive to play longer. The longer people play
in windows of hours, then the more likely they'll come across other players who shall assist them and make a friendship.

Speaking of friendship, that's something none of you excel in as well as me. I know all of you quite well, and I've always been prone to listen to your pangs and prongs of discourse and discontent. So, in essence, I'm suited for a role as an administrative "idiot," because I'm willing to admit when I'm wrong and make conclusions.

Lately though, I've not been wrong in any of my decisions. Regarding Covetous, he blatantly lacked to ability to answer a simple question; that is my inquiry to the fact of how he obtained as many levels in a short period of time that he did. Fact is, it's my job to find out if I have any experience "bugs" and to inform them to the appropriate person. Therefore, his rant and his attitude (as well slanderous nature) was much unappreciated, for it does not bode well with recruiting prospective players.

As for former players and the class reductions and their complaints. First off, the Efori and Nas conflicts were all done to themselves. Their rivalry exceeds my ability to tell any of the other that they're in the wrong. It was in general a horrible misconduct on both accounts. Yet, my information serves in my judging that Efori had neither come to me with his problem, nor had he curbed his own self-fueled confrontation with Nas.

Secondly, I don't appreciate being written of the "person I once was" by anyone. Therefore I may conclude that all of the Gydin comments and complaints are irrelevant, for he never had any expectation of the game but to be altered and changed. The truth of the matter is, I'm quite content with the idea the game can flourish without any coding being required. Sure, I'd like to see more zones, but that's a matter of finding a Head Builder. Which I might add at this point, I am not. I do not oversee building of any kind, and any applicant interested in such would take up their application with Nezmar.

Thirdly, I am nothing more than a liaison of the game's running operations between all of you and Nezmar. That means, leveling, assistance, guilds, bugs, interest in housing, novice-assistance, account-flags, and all other knick-knacks that take time from the game's creator are delved to me, so that I may unencumber Nezmar from duties that really are asinine and can be done by any one individual. Which this is the point, where I suggest that if you're interested in replacing me, then please submit your interest openly here. I'm worn and tired from hoping I could achieve what I could not, and I welcome anyone interested in learning the ropes of what I now know. But that brings to mind one important question I have for each and every applicant, which is: Just how patient and adapting are you going to be when **** hits the fans?

I never have a temper, unless you bring it out by openly lying to me. I do not tolerate lying in the least bit. Even in that circumstance, I'm capable of learning someone else's view on things and admitting I'm the one at fault. Which I've done countless times now. Part of being a grown up isn't whining about what's happening, rather than it is about fixing the situation.

One of the things I'm realizing lately is that so many of you must have complaints that you don't openly bring forward in a presentable manner which allows me to defend my decisions. I do what I do out of the concern that it will better the game, and in turn moderate things that are important. If I acted out of rash idiocy like I'm being delegated that I do, then there would be a surplus of banned accounts. Then where would we be... back to relatively few online. No, the game is beginning to pick up pace because of these implementations.

So, I'm happy that I catch the flack that previously must have been endured by Nezmar and other Administrative people. I find it amazing that for a game whose basis is roleplaying, that there is relatively little interest utilizing me for my utmost intended purpose. I'm a storyteller by trade, and that's what I was brought here for. To "bring the game to life" was my soul mission statement. I've had very little success in doing that, and I've ebbed back towards just making sure the game is manageable for you the players. . I've even adopted the ideal that the game is for the players and not over managing. Yet, I still have to do certain things from time to time, which is what brought about this ****-storm to begin with.

I've asked for Guildus and Sylvius to become Administrators, because they would be returns towards a rule-governed game. I'm not the ideal source of reliability, but at least I've been here off and on. So I wanted to thank each of you for the grief you've caused in that stead. Instead of openly trying to manifest a welcoming environment, you've managed to forget the reasons this game flourished so openly in the past. And I'd like to assure you that one day it will return to the presence of multiple staff playing regularly. Yet, lately, you're going to end up with just one person actively trying to manage the needs of a few.

So, in final, I'm going to encourage everyone to stop their complaining about the mechanics of the game. Levels are harder because of a decision split between both I and Nezmar. The reductions were less offensive then the ones I've previously suggested. So, make the most of the fact you can roleplay in one of the best coded environments ever made. Enjoy the fact that we can find a HeadBuilder who will ultimately bring change to more zones, and rejoice in the fact you've still got old comrades coming out of the woodwork to say hello. When you forget that camaraderie, then you're headed into what I like to call the state of "perilous realms".

Enjoy your day everyone.
This really shouldn't become a squabbling match, if you want to talk to me about my adopted policies then find me when I'm online or mail me. Start treating the game with the respect it deserves from you.

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 Post subject: Re: Ain't no cure for the Administrative Blues
PostPosted: Tue Sep 22, 2015 11:17 am 

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Well Nintrin, I am ready for one of your wonderful stories and would enjoy to be in one. As for the whole simple question thing, yeah that is on me. I am sorry about it, that as poor conduct, and clear misread, on my hands. I tried to making it a joking matter which well so obviously isn't. I own up to this and take full responsibility for it. Sorry to cause the headache.

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