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 Post subject: Love all the class updates - minor bug report
PostPosted: Mon Jan 10, 2011 7:26 am 

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Just want to say I really like all of the class updates and the game feels completely transformed in the last few months. The player gods, updated leveling system beyond 300 are fantastic.

The addition of spells like summon steed, summon charmed, summon wind dragon and the damage boosts of monks and ninjas create a much better balanced world where magic users and cleric no longer rule with an iron fist.

Other classes are finally able to accomplish feats that before were only possible to clerics, magic users, and players with ridiculously unnecessary amounts of items.

The recent world bonuses have also seemingly brought on the largest amount of players on a regular basis that I've seen in a really long time.

I'm really hoping building gets moving again soon and new zones can be brought in again, I really think that would be a solid next step to keep the freshness coming to the game. A leveling zone for level 300+ players would be fantastic as it is slim pickings to find many monsters in numbers that are beyond level 300 and close together for leveling purposes.

One bug that I think needs looking at is with stunning blow and hyder's kick. Once a monster is hit by a stun it generally attacks a random member of the group once it recovers instead of attacking the person it was originally tanking. This makes it quite difficult for groups to function with somebody using stuns.

For example if a barbarian is taking blows from a monster while a monk and assassin are chipping away and the three are grouped, the barbarian becomes useless if the monster randomly starts attacking the monk and assassin in the group. The group simply falls apart and loses it's appeal. For assassins and monks to function their best they generally wear very little stopping equipment and die very quickly if attacked directly.

Anyways, I'd love it if this bug was fixed so that a monster continued attacking the original tanking player after recovering from a stun attack :)

Love the fresh new changes and hope they keep on coming!


 Post subject: Re: Love all the class updates - minor bug report
PostPosted: Mon Jan 10, 2011 12:04 pm 
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Hey Mort. I don't think this is a bug, I believe the monster hits the first person it remembers getting hit by when it awakens from stun. So say there are four people swinging, the first person in the prompt that hits the monster after the stun gets the aggro. It makes sense to me to keep it like that. If anything I think the bug should be stunning a stunned person already? How can you stun someone who is still stunned?

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 Post subject: Re: Love all the class updates - minor bug report
PostPosted: Mon Jan 10, 2011 12:25 pm 

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Think of being stunned as knocking you out on your feet. When you come too, you likely aren't going to remember who was hitting you, but you will be able to notice who hit you first when you regain consciousness. This is not always the locomotive of the beat-down train. The target that is hit is not random, it works like when you are using charmed creatures and don't let the first one die, the mobile goes after the first person to hit it when the stun wears off.

As someone who you say becomes useless after a stun wears off, I disagree. All it means is I need to be aware of who is getting hit (which is usually the same person in a group battle after battle) and be ready to rescue them. Rescue was a mostly unused skill that I get to use frequently now, giving me more to do during battle than sit there and take damage and risk gear breaking or dying while others hit from behind me.
Before anyone says 'rescue doesn't work', I would like to mention that most people tanking likely don't have it anywhere close to mastered due to how little it was used before. Even then, if when a mobile is stunned you hit rescue every prompt til either a failure (and then you mash it quickly) or an instant success, you can usually rescue your party member before the next prompt. This is not always the case, due to various factors like spells or backstabs landing in between the normal melee rotation. All this means is that both the tank and the people he or she is protecting from harm need to be more aware of what is going on in a battle instead of frantically spamming offensive spells and attacks.

In short, if people in a group are dying a lot, either the tank isn't doing his job, the group is killing things way too large for them, they aren't paying enough attention, or some sort of combination of any of the above.
Low stops or not, generally speaking most of even the biggest of mobiles won't do much more than 600 damage while annihilating six times in a prompt. This should give most characters enough time to flee. If they don't have enough hp to last one or two prompts against their foe, they should reconsider at what point they go after said creatures.

Sorry to be a nay-saying Nellie. Having to rescue people has made being in a group far more entertaining for me, and makes it so the whole group shares a responsibility and risk.

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