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MPP Redemption
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Author:  Alysandir/Grumbles/Mort [ Wed Mar 26, 2008 7:49 pm ]
Post subject:  MPP Redemption

I was thinking the MPP redemption structure could use some work and I really think it can be an aid to some of the issues players address in the game.

Honestly, I think the amount of MPPs required to make any wishes is outrageously high, just my opinion I may be totally off. I'm curious though, how many MPP redemption requests do staff get every month? I'm thinking it's zero to one or two, but honestly i'm just guessing based on asking players, am i off the ball here? I've received approximately 9 or 10 MPP points in just about all my time here... that's not enough for anything, and that's between three characters that i've played quite a great deal. I think the MPP redemption system could really offer an incentive and motivation for good quality roleplaying in this game.

First off, players have issues with constitution ALL the time and i've heard it from everybody... "nuts i've only got a few con left i wish there were more ways to bring it back". Honestly, this isn't a personal issue for me, i've hardly ever had issues with constitution and rarely go under 18 but it is frusterating to constantly here it's a problem for other players and i absolutely HATE seeing good fun players perm die by accident and decide to go on hiatus for such a long time, i've seen it way too many times. I just recently convinced an IRL friend to start playing and once he was down to about 12 con at level 40 or 50 or so he was just ready to give up because it stopped being fun. I'm not saying the whole con system is awful, far from it, but I DO think it needs remedying.

MPPs - excellent remedy, honestly, i think 15MPPs is too much to ask for, i think for fairness sake it should be more like 5. Five MPPs are by NO means easy to get, my oldest character has only 5 total. I also think 10 would work if staff were more willing to be generous with MPPs. Giving away MPPs for arena winners would be great, i think it would be a great idea if staff dropped a hint to roleplayers while they had their flag on that they should roleplay well for a while :) and maybe gift so so to alright roleplaying 1MPP and good excellent quality roleplaying a nice 2MPPs. I know if I was roleplaying my self and i got a tell or something from a staffer my roleplaying would bump up about 10 notches REAL fast, why not use this to help the game? Staff can easily motivate players to practice EXCELLENT roleplaying by giving out a nice solid 2MPPs each time and consistently, players want recognition as well as to have fun RPing, can we do it that way?

I don't think it would get too out of hand considering staff would have full control of how fast constitution is going back into the game, but if they do notice people are getting too much con too fast they can easily slow down the MPP giving process. Anyways, i'd love to see this changed up for a while maybe and see how it goes :) i REALLY think people would roleplay a LOT more for MPPs and to help regain constitution.


Author:  Levune [ Thu Mar 27, 2008 3:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: MPP Redemption

I agree with a lot of your points, and I think the MPP system may have been used much more back when points were given based on amount of roleplaying time. I wasn't around for then, and ever since I joined, MPPs seem more like a relic from a different era and are used like silver dollars are used in US currency today.

Special arenas for MPPs would be a good idea. The arenas would have to be rather challenging though. It's not that MPPs should be easy to get, I just think there need to be a couple more structured ways for players to potentially earn points if the system is going to stay.

Author:  Nezmar [ Thu Mar 27, 2008 5:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: MPP Redemption

The real problem with MPPs lies in the title of this post -- Redemption. Currently it has to be done manually by Staff. At some point (in the not too distant future) it will be possible to redeem MPPs without Staff intervention, when that happens, it is likely MPPs will be much more effective and more heavily utilized.

Best regards,


Author:  Alysandir/Grumbles/Mort [ Mon Mar 31, 2008 2:49 am ]
Post subject:  Re: MPP Redemption

I have a question,

I was wondering, if say i would like to make a wish that will cost 30MPPs, can i say... use 10MPPs from one player on my account, 5MPPs from another player on my account, and then the balance of MPPs with the player that i'm making the wish for? More or less can i count all the MPPs of all the characters on my account in one pool and use it to make wishes that cost a lot of MPPs... sometimes I'm just in the mood to RP with one character and not another but I don't really want to wish anything with them, i just like playing the roll, but i'd still like to use the MPPs. Sorry, i think i made this post sound more confusing than it was supposed to, lol.

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